Finally A Solid Reason To Ruin Your Life Thanks To Bravewords


June 12, 2008

What happens when you team upthe mouth of the metal world and the mouth of the desert? You get aninternet television show to end all others..The world’s leading metalpublication, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles and metal know-it-all and smartass Eric Braverman have teamed up to bring the world ‘The Greatest MusicEver Created And How It Ruined Our Lives.’

Raising the bar for web metal programming, ‘The Greatest Music EverCreated And How It Ruined Our Lives’ will feature Braverman interviewing avariety of metal superstars and notable up and comers with his uniquestyle and undeniable wit. The idea for the show, according to Braverman,came about because, “It’s the greatest music ever created yet it doesnot exist on Jay Leno, Conan, Oprah or Bill O’Reilly , simply by listeningto metal music, you are shunned and feared. Apply for a job in a As I LayDying t-shirt and you’re not getting it. No one on American Idol eversings Priest or Dragonforce songs, Metallica doesn’t do halftime shows atballgames,yet.”

Eric continues, “Our show will help the world get to knowthese metal people and their metal way of looking at their world one powerchord, one beer, one head bang ,one brave word and one bloody knuckle ata time. With huge laughs and gasps every episode we might just get Maidenin a parade or Slayer playing your country’s national anthem. If you thinkyou know metal you ain’t heard or seen nothin’ like this.”

He finishes upby declaring, “Thank God metal ruined my life or I might have ended upanother U2, Dave Matthews or worse casualty. Never knowing the power ofSabbath, Job For A Cowboy, Thin Lizzy, Lamb Of God or Machine Head.”

Ericthen got in touch with Tim Henderson, the brains and muscle behind theplanet’s leading metal authority publication, Brave Words & BloodyKnuckles. When Henderson heard the idea and gameplan behind ‘The GreatestMusic Ever Created And How It Ruined Our Lives’ he was instantly intriguedand onboard.

‘The Greatest Music Ever Created And How It Ruined Our Lives’ is set to bebroadcast on the BWBK website at beginning June 13(that would be Friday the 13th, perfectly fitting) with guests RobertTrujillo from Metallica and metal oriented comedian Brian Posehn. Futureguests include Dave Ellefson, Lauren Harris, Ted Nugent and many, manyothers.

Set to run around 20 – 30 minutes in length, each episode of ‘The GreatestMusic Ever Created And How It Ruined Our Lives’ will strictly focus onEric Braverman and the featured guest, rather than a minute or two ofinterview time spliced between music videos from the artists and will beupdated monthly. The episodes are also shot on high definition cameraequipment rather than going the “dude with a camcorder and a podcast”angle.

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