Fiona’s First Three Studio Albums Get Remastered

Fiona’s First Three Studio Albums Get Remastered

March 23, 2014

Fiona’s first three studio albums — 1985’s self-titled debut, 1986’s ‘Beyond The Pale’ and 1989’s ‘Heart Like A Gun’ — have been remastered by Rock Candy Records.

Each release contains 24-bit remastering from the original source tapes, weighty essay’s about the making of the album, artist interviews, enhanced artwork and additional photos spread out over large full color booklets. In the case of ‘Beyond The Pale’, two bonus tracks have been added to the original recordings. The albums are available for a limited time at a discounted price including bundles inclusive of postage to anywhere in the world at

During the 1980s women in rock were, in many respects, unfairly treated; often cast aside as little more than irrelevant eye candy whilst their male counterparts were lauded as golden gods. This was the environment that New Jersey born chanteuse Fiona found herself battling against. Fortunately her voice and tenacity forced naysayers to admit that she was a major new talent in the making.

Her debut album, originally released in 1985, was produced by former Good Rats leader Peppi Castro and contains a blistering selection of quality tracks, Fiona’s strong and confident vocals ram home the message that she was ready to take on the competition at their own game.

For ‘Beyond The Pale’, Fiona was teamed up with fast rising production talent Beau Hill, a man who made waves producing a variety of Platinum selling hard rock acts, including Ratt and Winger. It was Beau who recruited a top selection of prominent musicians including Nile Rodgers, Kip Winger and Reb Beach, as well as sourcing a number of key songwriters, including material from the pens of Billy Steinberg, Bob Halligan and Peter Wolf.

This time around, the material was rockier and far more contemporary, without losing any of her rough hewn charm. Originally issued in 1986, the record successfully combined clean cut hi-tech production chops with sizeable blasts of anthemic rock.

‘Heart Like A Gun’ was primarily produced by studio wizard Keith Olsen, a man who’d worked with a string of platinum artists. The belief was that Olsen’s magic touch would help craft an album that would catapult Fiona into the spotlight. She was helped by a number of name players, including noted guitarists Brad Gillis, Mike Slamer, Tim Pierce and Dweezil Zappa, together with key song writing co-writes by Mark Mangold, Aldo Nova and Van Stephenson.

Originally issued in 1989, the album exudes class and quality, a tremendous example of rugged yet melodic hard rock, with a polished and accessible sheen. Look out for the album standout, an anthemic duet with hard rock heart throb Kip Winger, “Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me)”.

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