Five unsigned bands headlined by Last Bullet draw 800 people at EP release party

Five unsigned bands headlined by Last Bullet draw 800 people at EP release party

If your rock group is not Steel Panther or Airbourne, and your band is new or is playing ’80s styled or influenced hard rock or heavy metal music, and even if you are an established rock band (that hasn’t sold millions of records back in its heyday), you might struggle to draw 250, 100 or maybe even 50 people to a concert.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada area unsigned rockers Last Bullet decided to seemingly aim for the sky with the release of their new EP 80-69-64 as they decided to headline Toronto’s The Phoenix Concert Theatre, which has a capacity of 1,350 people. Opening for Last Bullet were a number of Toronto area rock groups consisting of The Dreamboats, The Anti Queens, The Crooked and Return For Refund.

The following message was posted on Last Bullet frontman Bryan Fontez‘s Facebook page less than an hour ago (with slight edits):

“I want to thank everyone for coming out to support us and all the fantastic musicians and very good friends we got to share the stage with last night.

That was one of the most important and exciting nights of my career as a musician. We’ve worked soo hard these last 8 years and we couldn’t be more appreciative of the support, love and inspiration you’ve given us. Your passion for our music is what really keeps us going. If none of you liked us we’d have packed it in ages ago, but when over 800 of you show up to a lineup of 5 unsigned bands, THAT is something special.

Staying humble and striving for perfection is what keeps the bar set high for Last Bullet, but we truly wanted to give you guys something special and last night was one of those moments where we have to pat ourselves on the back for pulling it off. Headlining The Phoenix Concert Theatre as an independent band with no label, no management and no booking agency is almost unheard of.

For as long as this music industry keeps ignoring us, we’re gonna keep force feeding them our brand of rock by ramming it down their throats until they fucking love it. When you close a door in our face, we’re gonna keep slamming our heads against the fucking wall until the bricks crumble and the drywall gives out.

As long as you keep shaking your asses, jumping, screaming, singing and showing up. We’ll keep sweating, bleeding and killing ourselves on stage to entertain you.

I’m truly sorry I didn’t get the chance to talk to and thank each and every one of you personally, but know that I’m truly thankful for your support. You were an integral part of what I would consider of of the best nights of my life and I’m extremely thankful for that.

Peace, Love and Rock & Roll ?”