Flash Addict’s Upcoming CD Dedicated To Former Guitar Player


March 3, 2008

Established in 1990, Flash Addict became a fixture on the Boston rock scene from 1991-1994. With a gritty sound, lively stage presence and obsessive work ethic, the band quickly climbed up the ranks to become Boston area headliners. Offstage, the band was well known for shameless self-promotion and notorious after show parties.

Flash Addict’s popularity peaked in 1992-93, when the band took top honors both years at the Big Gig, which was New England’s largest music festival of unsigned artists. The Big Gig was held at Great Woods (now known as The Tweeter Center). The band were also able to attract representation with promising prospects, but hopes of a record deal began to fade with changing musical times.

As the group’s established sleaze-rock sound and image fell out of favor with both labels and the listening public, Flash Addict broke up in 1995. After which, the members went on to play in various incarnations in a number of local and national projects, including Crash Alchemist (Colella, Jodrey, Caira), Anomanes (Jodrey, Colella), Toxic Narcotic (Jodrey), The Murderdolls (Graves), Mudbuzzard/Black Belt Jones (Caira), Travel For Days (Colella), and most currently Shoot The Moon (Jodrey, Colella).

Flash Addict’s upcoming album on Suncity Records entitled Live Fast… Die Pretty will be dedicated to former guitar player, Alan Hutcheson (A.K.A. Damien “Crash” Alchemist) who tragically died of a brain aneurysm in 1999.

Click here for a taste of what’s in store from the soon to be released album “Live Fast… Die Pretty” with the opening track off the album called “Taste Of The Grave”

Flash Addict

Courtesy of www.suncityrecords.com