FnA Records announce release of Priscilla’s 20-track album ‘High Fashion + 6 Bonus Tracks’

FnA Records announce release of Priscilla’s 20-track album ‘High Fashion + 6 Bonus Tracks’

FnA Records has unearthed another gem from the past with the release of a 20-track album titled High Fashion + 6 Bonus Tracks from the group Priscilla.

Track List for High Fashion + 6 Bonus Tracks:
01. Wake Up The Neighborhood
02. Lick N A Kiss
03. Love In Action
04. Can’t Wait
05. Gimme Lovin’
06. Some Like It Hot
07. Always Think Of You
08. Just Can’t Stop
09. Rocked Outta Love
10. Broken Angel
11. Stay With Me (Demo)
12. High Tonight
13. Fade Away (Demo)
14. High Fashion
15. Blame
16. Six Six Sex
17. Kill Kult Kids
18. Fade Away
19. Eight Lives Gone
20. Locomotion

FnA Records‘ press release indicates:

“It seems somewhat of an oxymoron to say that a band could be exuding the dangerous and dirty swagger of the most down and decadent of street glam, but, yet, in the same instance, be imbibed with the classic bravado of some of the most polished arena rock acts of the genre, but Priscilla‘s infectious power pop glam melodies do just that.

Having emerged as their hometown of Cleveland’s rock ‘n’ roll heroes, with instantly recognizable hooks, the unique, Hollywood-tinged vocal stylings of pretty boy vocalist Brad Slitt, and their already proven songs “Wake Up The Neighborhood”, “Love In Action”, and “Lick ‘N’ A Kiss”, all three unprecedently having shown the band’s potential star power by garnering extensive airplay and topping the nationwide Z-Rock Radio charts.

The band’s early sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle fueled the recording of these and other tracks, in the studio with producer/engineer Sean Bevan (Guns ‘N’ Roses, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Slayer, System Of A Down, No Doubt), resulting in one of the slickest sounding packages of instantly catchy songs, which resonated with an underground global fan base, and attracted the attention of multiple major labels. The magic of a hungry, young band reaching for the stars comes across on every track of this monumental album, which exemplifies what it is to be mainstream for the underground.

FnA Records is proud to announce the release of a 20 track album entitled “High Fashion + 6 Bonus Tracks”, which features all of the original Sean Bevan/Kevin Valentine produced recordings, as well as six bonus tracks taken from recordings later in the band’s career. There are also exclusive Priscilla T-shirts available. Head on over to FnA Records (www.fnarecords.net) to pick up the remastered High Fashion album, with bonus tracks, on a silver pressing.”

Priscilla‘s “Lick N A Kiss” video:

Priscilla‘s High Fashion + 6 Bonus Tracks video teaser: