FnA Records launch “one of the rarest hard rock auctions”

FnA Records launch “one of the rarest hard rock auctions”

FnA Records are presumably looking to unload a lot of their inventory as the record label will be launching “one of the rarest hack rock auctions” which will feature over 7,500 hard rock/metal CDs, 200-250 indie demo/cassettes and much more.

FnA Records‘ press release states:

“This will probably be one of the rarest hard rock auctions on ebay ever!!

Additionally, we will list stuff for sale on Facebook, so be sure to follow us at Doc Smiley.

There will be over 7,500 hard rock/metal CD’s, 200-250 indie/demo cassettes, lots of vinyl, videos, posters, over 2,500 band t-shirts, and lots more. There will be CD’s that you never knew even existed, there will be cassettes you never even knew existed, there will be vinyl you never knew existed, videos you never knew existed, t-shirts you never knew existed, and so much more. There will be albums that have never been released and albums that have been pulled from stores.

There will be over 100 RIAA Awards. There will be items that were never released to market and personal artifacts from hard rock artists. Lots of items will be autographed from the 80’s and 90’s so they will feature full original band signatures. Other items include: Tour jackets, band only gear, autographed guitars, autographed drumheads, backstage passes, laminates, guitar picks, drum sticks, set lists, promo only posters and autographed posters, autographed books, autographed personal pictures, duratrans, promo floor stickers and window clings, lots of promo only items, artist banners, proofs, stage used gear, megarare one-of-a-kind items, press kits for both major and regional/local artists, flyers, indie magazines, import items, handwritten lyrics, stickers…and so much more.

This auction/sale will literally last for the next 5-10 years.

Some have been asking about the indie/demo cassettes. We will list 3-4 indie/demo cassettes every 10 days. We will for the most part just pull stuff to list as it is pulled out – no rhyme or reason.

You can follow us on ebay at: rockrelics4u

If you collect items from genres like: pop, country, rap, folk, blues, jazz, punk, etc.

Follow us on ebay at: ftwabe2010 

Lastly, if you win any item on ebay or buy something from us on Facebook, we will give you $5 off any silver pressed CD from FnA Records.”