FnA Records now exclusive US distributor for two new Gypsy Rose albums

FnA Records now exclusive US distributor for two new Gypsy Rose albums

Gypsy Rose are reuniting with an old friend as the band will be teaming up with FnA Records once again and this time for US distribution of its two new albums Shattered Affair – 1986-1989 Roots & Early Days and Rosary Of Tears – 1988-1991 Outakes & Unreleased.

The following message was posted in part on FnA Records‘ Facebook page on July 20th (with slight edits):

“Now in stock, FnA Records is now the exclusive US distributor for the 2 new Gypsy Rose albums (“Rosary of Tears” and “Shattered Affair“) which include even more previously unreleased songs recorded by the band between 1988-1992 as well as songs by the bands Shattered Heart and Secret Affair featuring Gypsy Rose singer Michael Ross in his early days. Both of these brand new releases are silver pressed and available now!

As a reminder, FnA Records still has our original compilation of previously unreleased Gypsy Rose material titled “Poisoned By Love” as well as the Michael Ross solo album “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” in stock and available for anyone still wanting to complete their Gypsy Rose collection.”

You can order the various Gypsy Rose albums directly from FnA Records.

Track List for Shattered Affair – 1986-1989 Roots & Early Days:
01. Looks Bad On You (1988)
02. Bad Boys Get Ignited (1989)
03. Bang Bang Boys (1989)
04. Give It To Me All Night Long (1989)
05. Shake And Shove (1988)
06. Last Rose Of Summer (1988)
07. The Other Side Of Me (Secret Affair – 1988)
08. If Your Love Is Gone (Secret Affair – 1987)
09. Alone With You (Secret Affair – 1987)
10. I Can’t Fight It Anymore (Secret Affair – 1987)
11. If It Takes Me (Secret Affair – 1987)
12. Need You Tonight (Shattered Heart – 1986)
13. First Time For Everything (Shattered Heart – 1986)
14. Holding Out (Shattered Heart (Shattered Heart – 1986)
15. Need You Tonight (Take #1) (Shattered Heart – 1986)

Track List for Rosary Of Tears – 1988-1991 Outakes & Unreleased:
01. Engines
02. Only My Voice Came Back
03. Rosary Of Tears
04. Kicked In The Heart By Love
05. Safe With Me
06. All By Myself
07. Sheets To The Wind
08. Banging On The Radio
09. It’s The Way You Bite
10. Long Cold And Gone
11. Messing With Trouble
12. If Your Love Is Gone (Gypsy Rose version)
13. Love On Two Legs