FnA Records re-release Erotic Suicide’s second album ‘Perseverance’

FnA Records re-release Erotic Suicide’s second album ‘Perseverance’

Erotic Suicide CD coverFnA Records have re-released Erotic Suicide‘s second album Perseverance remastered and with bonus tracks.

FnA Records‘ website where you can purchase the album describes the Oklahoma City group and its history (with slight edits):

Erotic Suicide was a hard hitting Rock band from Oklahoma City. Refusing the traditional move to Los Angeles to join their peers on the Sunset Strip, this band focused on the Mid-West, and built up a loyal fanbase. Their first album entitled “Abusement Park” was released in 1993 and it established the band as a driving force in energetic rock music. The band received critical acclaim both in the states and throughout Europe for their debut release. They went from front page on a variety of underground Rock fanzines, to being featured in numerous national and international magazines, and to being called “America’s brightest hope” on MTV Europe Headbanger’s Ball.

Erotic Suicide photoErotic Suicide is a band that built their energy from their passion and love for music. Whether playing live or in the studio, each member of this band surrenders every ounce of himself to the music in which he is playing. Shortly after its release the band began playing shows to support “Abusement Park” playing with such acts as Ugly Kid Joe, Jackyl, Ace Frehley, Bang Tango, and Vince Neil. Shortly thereafter, the band shot a video for their first release “Can’t Remember.” Eventually, Erotic Suicide was signed to the German label Koch Records which re-mastered and released Abusement Park. In total about 25,000 copies of Abusement Park were sold in the US and abroad.

While touring in support of Abusement Park, the band began writing material for their second album which was slated to be called “To Die For.” Ultimately the band parted ways with their label and went back to their roots, changing the name of the album to Perseverance and releasing it themselves. As one critic stated, “Of the many bands scratching a living in the Grunge dominant 1990’s, Erotic Suicide was considered one of the more credible. Their concern with their material rather than their location, image or groupies was a refreshing change for this heavily stereotyped genre.”

Track List for remastered Perseverance:
Erotic Suicide photo 201. Hurt
02. Scream
03. Cross The Line
04. Breakin’ Down
05. I Want
06. All Fall Down
07. Blown Away
08. Devil’s Daughter
09. Can’t Stop It
10. Blue Eyes
11. Same Ol’ Thing
12. Weekend One Night Stand
13. ESX(New) (demo)
14. Tearin’ Down the Walls
15. Coming Down (Sweet Tomorrow)
16. World Has Its Way (demo)
17. What the Hell Did You Get Me
18. One Way To Get It

Erotic Suicide – Can’t Remember

Promo video. I’m looking for live shows of Erotic Suicide if anyone out there has any get in touch.