FnA Records releases video for Femme Fatale’s song “Buried Alive”

FnA Records releases video for Femme Fatale’s song “Buried Alive”

Back in 2016, Femme Fatale released their long lost sophomore album under the title One More For The Road via FnA Records.

Femme Fatale now appear on hiatus or even disbanded since the  group’s frontwoman Lorraine Lewis officially joined Vixen in January 2019.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of One More For The Road:

“Recorded as the demos for Femme Fatale‘s follow up album Lady In Waiting, the songs never got to see the light of day for various reasons including that the group’s label MCA was cleaning house and apparently not behind the band anymore, Lewis was getting enticed to go solo, and the band’s long-time co-manager Andrea Accardo was battling cancer. The long and short story is that the new Femme Fatale album One More For The Road (a change in the album title was eventually made) was apparently recorded in one day “live” in the studio with warts and all. If you’re expecting a nice polished follow up to Femme Fatale‘s self-titled debut album, you will be disappointed. If you’re up for raw, exciting and energized renditions of some heavier songs that will take you back to the best days of the Sunset Strip, One More For The Road is a must for your collection.”

FnA Records‘ video for Femme Fatale‘s “Buried Alive”:

Femme Fatale- Buried Alive (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Femme Fatale’s “Buried Alive” which can be found on their long-awaited second album “One More For the Road” available on FnA Rec…