Ford T Signs American Distribution Deal


September 27, 2007

Ford T has recently signed a deal with the American record label PerrisRecords for distribution of their album “Hail to the T’s”.Their hit song “Steve McQueen”, from the album, appeared on PerrisRecords’ Network CD earlier this year to a great reception by DJs andcritics alike.

Ford T was formed in 2003 and has toured their home country extensivelysince with their mix of dual guitar attack and catchy choruses.In the wake of the distribution deal with Perris Records, Ford T arelooking forward to nationwide exposure in the United States through themusic magazine Rock Nation and

To further enhance sales, Perris Records has put the song “I’m A Rebel” onthe new “Hollywood Hairspray vol. 7” – a compilation cd released in theUnited States.

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