Former Accept singer David Reece unveils lyric video for track “Another Life Another Time”

Former Accept singer David Reece unveils lyric video for track “Another Life Another Time”

Ex-Accept, Bangalore Choir, Gypsy Rose, Tango Down and Bonfire frontman David Reece has unveiled a lyric video for his track “Another Life Another Time” from his latest solo album Cacophony of Souls, which was released via El Puerto Records on March 13, 2020.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Cacophony of Souls:

“What I take from this immediately is the razor like guitar riffing of former U.D.O. guitarist Andy Susemihl and of course the amazing vocals of Reece. There is something about his voice that captures me immediately. What I can always say about Reece is that no matter the heaviness of the song, there is always a good melody behind the vocal. He is the master of creating melodies that stick in your head.

A song like “Judgement Day” really showcases that for me. Within this song, there is also a beautiful acoustic part that leads into a melodic yet heavy solo. The riffing underneath the vocal is very European sounding, but gives the song much depth. All things aside, this is as heavy as a song with that very title should be. When it’s all doom and gloom at the end, well frankly, I think it should be. I’d like to think that that day may never come, so for now let’s just listen to a song about that premise.”

In terms of the track “Another Life Another Time”, Sleaze Roxx indicated in its review: ““Another Light” really shows a softer side of Reece. We all know that David Reece is an amazing talent and when singing a ballad, his emotions come through. His voice is what drives the song, but with that said, Susemihl does his part and brings forth a slow, melodic solo that you could actually sing. Many guys may try to wank all over this song, but not here. This shows great talent, discipline and desire to do what is right for the song.”

David Reece‘s “Another Life Another Time” lyric video:

REECE – Another Life Another Time (2020) // official Clip // El-Puerto-Records

REECE – “Another Life Another Time”Taken from the album Cacophony Of Souls, release date March 13, 2020 Order Album as CD: di…