Former AC/DC Drummer Says New Album “Just Doesn’t Work”


November 2, 2008

Jonathon Moran of The Daily Telegraph reports that as AC/DC dominates world charts with its first album in eight years, one former member has been left out in the cold.

The band’s original drummer, Colin Burgess, who shares a nondescript Sydney flat with his nephew and uncle, admits he wonders what it would be like to get a piece of the action.

“Financially, it has been a bit of a problem, but I get by,” he says.

“That’s when I wouldn’t mind being back in AC/DC.

“But money doesn’t make the world go round – love does.”

Burgess, sacked from the band in 1974 for being drunk on stage, compares AC/DC’s new record, Black Ice, to Bon Jovi’s middle-of-the-road pop-rock.

“They’ve tried to make it a rock’n’roll album in a Bon Jovi studio and, to me, it just doesn’t work,” he says.

Burgess was a founding member of the legendary Australian band, forming the group with Malcolm Young in 1973 after he left the Masters Apprentices.

He insists he was innocent of any misbehaviour on stage, claiming his drink was spiked.

“I know people said I was drunk, but that’s not the truth.

“For all these young kids who do get their drinks spiked – and it happens a lot _ I understand where they’re coming from, because it happened to me.

“Everyone looked at me as ifI was the drunken guy, and I got the sack. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.”

AC/DC is one of the biggest rock music acts in the world, having sold more than 200 million albums in a 35-year career.

Business Review Weekly’s 2008 annual rich list estimated the band had earned $12 million in the preceding year, without taking into account the new album and upcoming tour.

Black Ice, the band’s first album in eight years, is set to be an international hit and is number one on the ARIA charts.

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