Former Bang Tango Guitarist Releases ‘Road Sick Eyes’ Video

Former Bang Tango Guitarist Releases ‘Road Sick Eyes’ Video

November 13, 2013

Mark Knight And The Unsung Heroes have released the second video from their debut album, for the title track “Road Sick Eyes”. The recently released album can be purchased and previewed at

Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Mark Knight is an L.A. native who began performing professionally when he was only 16. In 1987 Knight founded the hard rock band Bang Tango, whose debut album for MCA Records, ‘Psycho Cafe’, garnered worldwide attention after the video for the single “Someone Like You” was placed into heavy rotation on MTV in 1989.

‘Road Sick Eyes’ features guitarist Mark Tremalgia, drummer Tigg Ketler, and bassist Reeve Downes. Ex-Bang Tango member Tremalgia has collaborated with Knight on many projects, including their stint in the Southern rock-influenced band Worry Beads. Ketler is also a former member of Bang Tango while Reeves is also the bassist for the California based rock band Rhino Bucket.

Regarding the album Sleaze Roxx said it ‘sounds as if it was put together by a group of aging musicians sitting around the campfire reminiscing about their decadent pasts. Under a clear sky, with acoustic guitars in hand, the performers strum away, share laughs and have a few drinks. As the night drifts into morning, and the alcohol starts to take effect, the guys plug in and start rocking out like they did in the old days. Road Sick Eyes sounds just like that image, both extremely mellow on one hand yet gaining momentum on the other.’

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