Former De La Cruz Frontman Offers Free Download Of New Single

Former De La Cruz Frontman Offers Free Download Of New Single

October 13, 2014

Former De La Cruz singer Roxxi Catalano is gearing up for the release of his debut EP.

The first single from the Catalano EP is called “Rxckin’ Barbie Doll” and can be downloaded for free at The Catalano EP, due for release in November, will contain four tracks in total — three brand new songs and the single “Rxckin’ Barbie Doll”.

De La Cruz’ full-length debut ‘Street Level’ was released in 2013 by Frontiers Records. Sleaze Roxx stated that “The sound quality of Street Level is very pristine and clean, being produced by Casey Jones. He could easily be rock’s next guitar God, and as most of us following the music industry will know there haven’t been very many worthy of that category in the last 20 years.”

A year after the release of ‘Street Level’ the band called it quits.

“We’ve decided to part ways and move onto new projects,” said the Australian rockers at the time of their break-up. “We apologise for keeping you in the dark through the start of 2014, but we hope you understand that this hasn’t been an easy decision for us to make. We want to thank everyone for their support over the last few years. We’ve had an absolute blast and owe all our success to you. Right now we’re going to have a beer, and raise our glasses to all you De La Cruz fans worldwide. You’ll always be the raddest fucks around.”

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