Former Devil City Angels frontman Brandon Gibbs releases new single “Rain Whiskey”

Former Devil City Angels frontman Brandon Gibbs releases new single “Rain Whiskey”

Ex-Devil City Angels singer Brandon Gibbs has released a new single titled “Rain Whiskey” via Golden Robot Records.

Gibbs was recently interviewed by Chuck Shute for the Chuck Shute Podcast and spoke about what his new single is all about as he indicated (as transcribed by the Chuck Shute Podcast with slight edits):

“Um, it’s, you know, rainy whiskey. When I wrote that song, seeing my friends, this guy, the guitar tech, he goes, ‘You know, you’ve covered a lot of ground musically. You’re [an] emotional songwriter, you know, and you can get down and do real well with your words. There’s one thing that you need to do. In my opinion, you’re a likable guy. You know, you like to party and hang out with your buds and, and you’re fun to be around.’ He goes, ‘Have you ever thought about that?’ And I said, ‘Oh, I never considered myself that funny or fun, I don’t know.’ And he goes, ‘No, it’s your — people like you because of your personality. And it’s so stressful at times where you got the nine to five [job] and paying bills and getting the kids where they need to go and, or whatever.’

Gibbs continued: “And sometimes people just get so wrapped up in the day to day thing with it. When they put their feet on the floor, they’re instantly going, here we go, you know, and uh, in my daily routine, I try and check in on people that I love by a joke or whatever and basically just cut the tension. I think it’s a perfectly okay. Like my concept was we’re going to pull into a town where everyone got the suit and tie on and give them permission to let loose. And it’s okay if you feel bad the next day ’cause you only live, you know, we’re not here for a long time. We’re here for a good time. And I just think if people, you know, if they let their shoulders down, loosen the tie, get a drink or whatever your fancy is that makes sure that you enjoy the moment and have a good time. It takes the stress off. You can get them get through the work week or man. That was something I had fun. I truly did have fun. It’s not necessarily about selling booze. Um, but it probably will sell booze.”

You can listen to the interview with Brandon Gibbs by the Chuck Shute Podcast via the Buzz Sprout‘s website.

Brandon Gibbs‘ “Rain Whiskey” single:

Rain Whiskey

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