Former Dokken And Great White Bassist Releases Solo Music Video

Former Dokken And Great White Bassist Releases Solo Music Video

February 23, 2015

Sean McNabb, best known for his work with such ’80s bands as Dokken and Great White, has released a music video for his solo single “Fresh Air”. The song appeared in the 2014 motion picture ‘Rock Story’, which co-starred McNabb alongside Dominique Swain, comedian Gilbert Gottfried, Three’s Company’s Joyce DeWitt and Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts.

McNabb’s musical talents have appeared on over 35 albums, including Quiet Riot’s ‘QR’, House Of Lords’ ‘Demon Down’, Great White’s ‘Can’t Get There From Here’ and ‘Back To The Rhythm’, XYZ’s ‘Letter To God’, Burning Rain’s ‘Epic Obsession’ and Dokken’s ‘Broken Bones’.

In November of last year Don Dokken told The Classic Metal Show that McNabb was being replaced in Dokken.

“Sean is doing acting and solo projects and other bands. Sean’s a very motivated guy and has got a lot of stuff going on, but I need a bass player that wants to be in Dokken… not to be in Dokken to promote himself, if you understand,” said Don Dokken. “There was a time when I asked him to turn down because he was crushing everybody on stage with the bass volume. I went over and asked him to turn down. He didn’t. So I went over and turned the amp down. He walked back to the amp and turned it back up. Now, you don’t do that in Dokken. You don’t do that in any band. If you do that in Whitesnake or Priest or anybody… if you do that as a hired gun and you go up and the lead singer tells you to turn it down, and he turns you down and you go back and turn it back up, you’d be on a bus taking a slow Greyhound home. So that was kind of the last straw for that. I understand. Like Sean said, he was promoting himself. I said, “well, this is called Dokken, not McNabb”. Sean’s a great guy. I love him to pieces. He’s a good guy. We had five or six that we played together. It was great.”

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