Former Electric Sister Singer Releases Lyric Video for “White”

Former Electric Sister Singer Releases Lyric Video for “White”

December 11, 2014

Thadeus Gonzalez, the Oakland-based vocalist/songwriter and former Electric Sister frontman, has released a lyric video for the track “White” from his debut album ‘Utopian Society’.

“White” is a powerful, autobiographical ballad about lies and truth. “I wrote this song based on my own experiences wrestling with dishonesty and having the same dishonesty come back to me from others,” says Gonzalez. ” There is a saying “If you spot it, you got it,” and it made me think being 100% honest is not realistic, so “white” lies are the result. Not speaking the truth completely, but just enough to get by in this life, a tough life, is what inspired me to write this song.”

With Electric Sister, Gonzalez enjoyed critical acclaim from not only the release of ‘The Lost Art Of Rock & Roll’ in 2011, but also supporting gigs with KISS/Motley Crue, Slash, Black Label Society, and Danko Jones. Regarding the ‘The Lost Art Of Rock & Roll’, Sleaze Roxx stated at the time, “On all levels Electric Sister performs tight original rock songs that fans of the genre should not miss. From start to finish The Lost Art Of Rock & Roll is a hard rock masterpiece and should catapult the band to new heights — on a live stage these guys should be unstoppable. If rock and roll was lost, Electric Sister have found it, bit into its neck and won’t let go.”

While proud of what Electric Sister was able to accomplish independently, Gonzalez felt it was time to both showcase his own songwriting and guitar work (both of which are notable), as well as be open to working with other artists and spending much more time on the road.

Supporting Gonzalez in the recording of ‘Utopian Society’ were musicians with diverse and credible pedigrees. Dennis Hill (Face To Face) contributed lead and rhythm guitars and backing vocals, Scott Shiflett (Face To Face, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes) added additional lead guitar, Pete Pacheco (Electric Sister) performed bass and backing vocals, and Nathan Walker (Lit) handled drums.

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