Former Enuff Z’Nuff frontman Donnie Vie releases song “I Could Save The World”

Former Enuff Z’Nuff frontman Donnie Vie releases song “I Could Save The World”

Ex-Enuff Z’Nuff frontman Donnie Vie has released the song “I Could Save The World” from his upcoming solo album Beautiful Things that will be released in November 2018. The song premiered via Ultimate Classic Rock.

Vie told Ultimate Classic Rock:

“With a loyal fan base and belief in the talent and quality of our songs and records that still continue to grow and improve, I kept to the grindstone for many years with the band, battling many issues, both personal and professional, I soon realized all I was doing was grinding off my own nose and confusing motion with progress.”

“After a string of very strong solo records, facing most of the same problems, and a few years in hiatus to physically and spiritually rebuild, a new energy began to form in and around me. It started with strong bond of family and support and slowly getting back in touch with the fans and truly talented friends from throughout my long journey who all very much believed in and loved the work I have done and created. Naturally, wonderful new melodies and song ideas started to pour out.”

You can read more of Vie‘s comments on his new single at Ultimate Classic Rock.

Donnie Vie‘s “I Could Save The World” song:

Donnie Vie – I Could Save The World

I Could Save The World From the forthcoming album ‘Beautiful Things’ Written, arranged and performed by Donnie Vie Vocals, Guitars: Donnie Vie Additional Vocals: Phil Angotti Bass: Casey McDonough Piano, Strings-n-Things: Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. Drums: Matt Walker Recorded at Beautiful Things Studio, Chicago Illinois; Gravity Studio, Chicago, Illinois and Big Fish Recording, Encinitas, California Produced, engineered and mixed by Mike Tholen.