Former Gypsy Pistoleros Member Forms Durty Rockstar

Former Gypsy Pistoleros Member Forms Durty Rockstar

July 3, 2011

Former Gypsy Pistoleros Member Forms Durty RockstarAaron Lee, ex-Gypsy Pistoleros bassist, has switched to guitar and has bounced back with a new project called Durty Rockstar.

Durty Rockstar are set to release an EP entitled ‘Durty R’N’FR’ as a digital download on August 1st, 2011. ‘Hard’ copies of the EP will be available too, but there will be a limited quantity, so if you want to pre-order one contact Aaron Lee at For more information on Durty Rockstar visit

“I kinda got sick of hearing the same old shit on the radio” Aaron Lee tells Sleaze Roxx. “No one is creating anything pure or interesting and I wanna keep rock ‘n’ roll alive, just as much as anyone does. So I decided I’d work on putting a new sound out there. I kinda just took influences from some of my favorite bands and artists, and put a modern spin on a ‘hard’ rock sound. I’m currently looking for available musicians (bass, rhythm guitar, drums) who may be interested in working with me, and am also looking for any labels that are interested in potentially releasing/distributing the EP, which is due for release on Monday August 1st, 2011.”

All guitars, bass and vocals on ‘Durty R’N’FR’ were recorded by Aaron Lee, who also wrote and composed all the songs. Drums were handled by Mad Mike, who engineered, mixed and mastered the EP at Streamline Studios.

‘Durty R’N’FR’ EP Track Listing:
01. Sell Your Soul
02. Moth To The Flame
03. Dead Love
04. Motherfukker
05. God Bless The Troops

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