Former Hessler vocalist Jessikill set to release ‘Metal Knights’ EP

Former Hessler vocalist Jessikill set to release ‘Metal Knights’ EP

Jessikill CD coverFormer Hessler lead vocalist Jessikill is scheduled to release an EP called Metal Knights with the band bearing her name. No official release date has yet to be posted for Metal Knights but it is scheduled for a release sometime in 2015.

Jessikill‘s Metal Knights EP can be pre-ordered on the band’s website.

In early 2014, Chicago based Hessler recruited Jessikill to replace their lead singer Lariyah Daniels since she was moving to Atlanta, Georgia. Jessikill was based in San Antonio, Texas at the time.

In June 2014, Hessler released the EP Ghost Dance with Jessikill as lead vocalist. Hessler‘s Ghost Dance EP landed the number three spot on Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2014. Sleaze Roxx stated in its review of Ghost Dance: “The truth is that the addition of Jessikill has brought a new dimension to the band since her voice has way more range and fits the band’s musical style a lot better than her predecessor’s. Every song on Ghost Dance is a good one. It really is pure head-banging bliss highlighted by Jessikill‘s clear and powerful vocals. Sleaze Roxx added: “Hessler have definitely gotten better recording wise with the addition of Jessikill. Suffice to say I have been playing Ghost Dance non-stop ever since receiving it in the mail and I love it a little more each time. This is definitely one of my favorite CDs of 2014 thus far, and I can’t wait to see Hessler play these songs live!”

In November 2014, Jessikill departed from the Chicago based Hessler. In a Facebook post and as reported by Sleaze Roxx,  Jessikill declared, “I have been thinking for a long time, and I have thought carefully. And after all of the possibilities and pros and cons, I realize I cannot, at this time, afford to travel and support myself between two bands in two different cities. And although I appreciate and treasure the band Hessler, I feel Texas calling me home.”

Since leaving Hessler, the band Jessikill has played numerous shows in the San Antonio, Texas area including opening for BulletBoys, Krokus, Michael Schenker, Faster Pussycat and Red Dragon Cartel.

The group Jessikill is scheduled to open for Riot on September 26th at 210 Kapone’s and for Symphony X and Overkill on October 9th at the Alamo City Music Hall with both shows located in San Antonio, Texas.

The band Jessikill is currently comprised of Jessica Marie Espinoza (i.e. Jessikill) on lead vocals, Arturo Alvarado on bass/vocals, Juan Alvarado on guitar and Jyro Alejo on lead guitar/keyboards with no one named as the drummer.