Former Judas Priest Singer To Release Autobiography


June 14, 2008

Former Judas Priest singer Al Atkins is about to release his autobiography entitled ‘Dawn Of The Gods: My Life In Judas Priest & Heavy Metal’. The following press release was posted by Al Atkins at

Just checkin’ in to let you know where I’m up to on my autobiography. Well, I’m glad to say myself and Neil Daniels have finished the book and it’s in the hands of Iron Pages who I’m sure will do a great job. The book is gonna look fantastic! There’ll be some really cool photos and shots of vintage Priest memorabilia that I’m confident is very rare like a picture of the first ever JUDAS PRIEST recording.

The book will feature contributions from:
Bruno Stapenhill (Judas Priest Mark I)
Ernie Chataway (Judas Priest Mark I)
John Ellis (Judas Priest Mark II)
Trevor Lunn (ex-Judas Priest roadie)
David Howells (Gull Records)
Dave Corke (ex-Judas Priest manager 1970-’76)
Norman Hood (IMA Agency)
And maybe a surprise or two!!

Obviously it’s not all about Priest: I’ll tell you about my old band LION, my travels around Europe and my solo career right up to my latest band THE HOLY RAGE.

And that’s not all because some of my good friends and people I admire have also contributed like Dennis Stratton, Paul DiAnno, Jess Cox, Brian Tatler, Johnny Lokke, Graham Bonnet, Taz Taylor and Simon Lees. Make a visit to

And please take some time to check out Neil’s other books on Judas Priest and Robert Plant at

Al Atkins Dawn Of The Goods Book

Al’s book is OUT SOON! Further details can be found at and

Title: Dawn Of The Metal Gods: My Life In Judas Priest & Heavy Metal
Authors: Al Atkins & Neil Daniels
Publisher: Iron Pages (distributed in the UK via Gazelle Books)
Details: Lots of archive material, unseen photos, memorabilia, tour dates and discographies…
Release Date: Autumn 2008

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