Former Melodic Rock fest owner Andrew McNeice clarifies his role for this weekend’s festival in Australia

Former Melodic Rock fest owner Andrew McNeice clarifies his role for this weekend’s festival in Australia

Metal Sludge principal Stevie Rachelle called out the Melodic Rock Fest yesterday for its mishandling of its event this weekend that turned from a three day event at The National Theatre in Melbourne, Australia to a one day event at The Croxton Bandroom with the loss of many international bands including FireHouse, Eclipse, FM and Crazy Lixx.

Rachelle also took aim at Melodic Rock founder Andrew McNeice who sold his ownership in Melodic Rock Fest over a year ago to the festival’s current promoter.

McNeice fired back yesterday with the following message on his Facebook page:

“Following this post, I will not comment further and there will be no activity on my page due to a private family matter.

I’m forced to make yet another statement today about MelodicRockFest Australia due to Stevie Sludge Rachelle taking up the cause for accountability and injustice.

He knows I always make myself available, so apparently I am now going to be the scapegoat after commenting to him in a conversation last year I was “heavily involved” in this event. His post has fired up several others, so I need to take time out of my day to deal with this.

I WAS. In the early stages. I sold the MRF name and rights to use the MRF logo in its entirety because I had zero interest in working on any more events. The agreement included my help to transition the event over to new owners as is normally the case.

I was helping establish contact between new owners and artists/agents/managers I knew.

I helped some of the bands come on board, disagreed on other choices.

Now this is damaging to the overall brand, but I trusted the guys to carry on the MelodicRockFest name, which would otherwise have been retired.

I feel deep sadness for the people who trusted the name and trusted me to choose a suitable team to carry on the name. They had big plans…other countries, an annual event in Melbourne, additional tours. It all sounded great.

I’m not sure what more could have done given the fact I SOLD THE EVENT NAME 15 months ago. Do I need to produce the contract??

Despite my lack of control over all this, right now I am the only person who is putting themselves out there to respond to these comments. I’m the only one trying to get direct info and pass that along to fans.

I am very sorry that this has all transpired and for fans who have travelled far and wide at considerable expense.”