Former Noisy Mama Singer Releases Solo Album

Former Noisy Mama Singer Releases Solo Album

December 21, 2014

Former Noisy Mama singer Paul Skowron has released his long-awaited solo CD ‘Resurrection Road’. Details on ordering the album can be found at

“I’ve been in and out of music since age 18,” says Skowron. “I never went my own way til 1996. It was about two years after my major label endeavor came to an end. I was offered a gift. A free studio. On off days and late nights that usually went into the morning. Jim Tatarka and Mike Simon opened up the doors and flood gates at the same time. There are over 30 different musicians and friends on ‘Resurrection Road’ but it still works. Some days I’d walk in to begin my long night and there would be 2-3 stragglers from the session before. I would look at them, point my finger and say, “What do you do?” Before you know it they were in the mixture of listening to a song they had never heard before and five minutes later recording it. True trial by fire. Please I invite you to listen to an experience of true expression. Be a part of those nights that turned into mornings that became ‘Resurrection Road’.”

Skowron was 10 years old when he started singing with rock n’ roll in his soul. In the beginning, his influences were Steven Tyler and Aretha Franklin. He played in several Youngstown, Ohio based bands before joining White Noise in 1983 where his musical journey took off.

In the 1980’s the place to be was a White Noise concert. White Noise became a regular sold out event wherever the band booked a show. There were times when charter buses were rented and fans filled the buses to travel to shows outside of the Youngstown area.

The band ultimately signed a record deal in 1990 with ATCO Records as Noisy Mama, and released ‘Everybody Has One’ in 1991. Skowron toured throughout the country and the band’s video for the song “Heart Of Stone” was featured on MTV. The band received rave reviews, with critics loving them after seeing them perform live. Noisy Fans Of America, the band’s fan club, grew into 6 digits. Skowron would showed up at fans graduation parties and weddings and would never turn down an opportunity to sit and talk with fans (friends) at shows.

The band changed their name again, this time to Hounds Of Desire. At this point the band was writing, recording and performing the best music in their history. A hard rocking ‘Balls’ CD was released and a tour that supported it. A local show on New Years Eve 1993 would be their last as the band broke up.

Skowron then sang with a band called Triple X for a short term before joining the Pittsburgh, PA based Voodoo Wagon. He found a home writing songs with the band’s guitarist, Dominic Fusca. Voodoo Wagon performed many showcase shows, including opening for Donnie Iris in 1997 at Pittsburgh Nick’s Fat City.

With social media sites such as Facebook, the fans have connected with the Noisy band members and their very first question is, “Why didn’t you release those White Noise songs?” In 2011, the band decided it was time to give the fans what they wanted. ‘Out Of The Ashes’ took a few years to complete but is exactly what the fans wanted and deserve. A CD release party in April 2014 brought the faithful together and filled the hall.

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