Former Pretty Boy Floyd Bassist Returns Home After Australian Stranding

Former Pretty Boy Floyd Bassist Returns Home After Australian Stranding

September 4, 2012

Former Pretty Boy Floyd bassist Lesli Sanders recently took his new band Prophets Of Addiction to Australia for a handful of shows. Everything seemed to be going well until the band tried to return home to the USA, only to find that they were stranded overseas.

“The band has not been able to get on our flights back to the USA,” stated Sanders yesterday. “We are flying on “Buddy Passes” and there is one flight we can take each day and for two days now they have been full. Gotta try again in the morning (Tuesday Sydney time). We have a hotel today but our funds are almost depleted. If anyone has any suggestions or a place to stay nearby the airport it would be greatly appreciated. As we will need to show up each morning until we can board a flight.”

The problem seems to stem from the band’s purchase of Delta Airline’s ‘Buddy Passes’. According to Delta’s website, ‘Buddy Passes’ allow Delta Airline employees, their families and guests to fly for a reduced rate — however, they must fly standby, meaning they are not guaranteed seats. Travel is subject to the availability of space at departure time.

“Delta Airlines have been completely no help in this situation, almost laughing at us,” continued Sanders. “Now they tell us they can’t guarantee we can ever get on the flight and that we should have thought about this before we purchased these ‘Buddy Passes” from a Delta Airlines employee… So the problem is we are now stuck in Australia… If anyone has any connections to airlines to help get us cheap flights so we can get home.”

Eventually, thanks to the help of some friends, Sanders and the Prophets Of Addiction are heading home. “Thanks so much to everyone that has stepped forward to help us with this “ordeal” in Australia,” said Sanders today. “I truly appreciate everything that has been done and the effort put forth, in this day and age, a time when compassion for the fellow human being seems to be lacking. To all of you a heartfelt thank you goes out to you all.”

The Prophets Of Addiction released their debut album ‘Babylon Boulevard’ independently in 2010. In early 2012 ‘Babylon Boulevard’, which was mixed by Phil Soussan (Ozzy Osbourne and Billy Idol) and mastered by Dave Hillis (Pearl Jam), was re-released by the French label Deadlight Entertainment. In a review of the CD said, “Lesli Sanders may have ransacked his mother’s make-up drawer years back, but with his new band he proves that there is more to him than just image.”

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