Former Quiet Riot singer Mark Huff joins forces with Tiger Claws guitarist Dennis D in new band

Former Quiet Riot singer Mark Huff joins forces with Tiger Claws guitarist Dennis D in new band

Ex-Quiet Riot lead vocalist Mark Huff has resurfaced in a new group called Steel Mountain Crossing along with Tiger Claws guitarist Dennis D, bassist David Leighton and drummer Grant Dubois.

Dennis D relayed the following message to Sleaze Roxx (with slight edits):

“To Sleaze Roxx,  its readers and to all our metal brothers and sisters worldwide,

Mark Huff and Dennis D here,    

We’re still alive and well. We wanted to say hello and let you know we are doing a new project called Steel Mountain Crossing.

Dennis is an amazing guitarist. For years, he has been undoubtedly New York City’s best studio / session secret weapon guitarist  of trade and worked for everyone from Notorious Big, Lil Kim, P Diddy to Mayhem. He is a very diverse guitarist and he assembled a great rhythm section featuring Grant Dubois on drums and David Leighton on bass whom are some of the best studio session musicians in Seattle.  

We just finished recording an album we are releasing in November. It’s a bit of a different direction from Quiet Riot. This music has nothing to do with hair metal from the ’80s. This is new and much heavier than anything we’ve done, yet there are ballads and rockers as well. Dennis wants to add ‘hello’ and mentions that is great to be here in Seattle and to offer our music and that it’s been great recording with Mark. Seattle is a great place with extremely talented and dedicated local musicians.

We wanted to say thank you to all the readers for the support in the past and the continued support in the future. It means so much to us. We truly love you all and can’t wait to get back out and see you all again.  Thank you so much. Peace and be well.”

Huff was in Quiet Riot from 2010 to 2012. Wikipedia states the following about his time in the band (with slight edits):

“Despite his previous insistence that Quiet Riot could never return as a live performing entity, Banali announced a new version of Quiet Riot in September 2010 with himself on drums, Chuck Wright on bass, Alex Grossi on guitar, and newcomer Mark Huff (formerly of the Van Halen tribute band 5150) on vocals. The band has sought the blessings of the DuBrow family, and DuBrow‘s mother encouraged Banali to revive the band. In July 2011, this line-up toured Germany as support for Slayer and Accept.

On January 12, 2012, whilst Huff was awaiting brain surgery, Quiet Riot released a statement, announcing that they had parted ways with Huff, and they were replacing him for upcoming dates with Keith St. John (formerly of Montrose). Huff found out about his firing online. In March 2012, Banali hired unknown vocalist Scott Vokoun to fully replace Huff.”

Tiger Claws released the full-length albums, Tiger Claws in 2017 and Animal Instinct in 2018, along with the EP Hot Sex in 2018.