Former Tesla guitarist Tommy Skeoch leaves Resist & Bite and joins Bad Marriage

Former Tesla guitarist Tommy Skeoch leaves Resist & Bite and joins Bad Marriage

In a rather surprising move, former Tesla guitarist Tommy Skeoch has announced that he has left the band Resist & Bite and joined Bad Marriage. Skeoch had been a part of Resist & Bite for the last four years. The Resist & Bite line-up of Skeoch, Nathan Utz (ex-Lynch Mob and Blonz lead vocalist), Steve Stokes (guitar), David Parks (drums) and Brian Powell (bass) released their self-titled debut album back in September 2021 and a new single titled “Baptized By Fire” in March 2023. Resist & Bite still had some shows booked including later this month at The Token Lounge in Westland, Michigan, USA on July 20th and at The King of Clubs in Columbus, Ohio, USA on July 21st.

The following message was posted on Skeoch‘s Facebook page yesterday:

“Hey everyone

Fudgers & Fludgettes

I will no longer b playing in Resist&Bite , those shows in California were my last with them

I wanna thank everyone for the love and support I have received throughout…

Check out my band Bad Marriage I’m rocking in now

We’re on the road now & can’t wait to rock ur town

Looking forward to a musical journey with these cats


Da tominator


Bad Marriage subsequently announced on their Facebook page that Skeoch was now part of their band:

“<JUST ANNOUNCED> The Bad Marriage boys would like to officially announce and welcome our newest member – Tommy Skeoch (Official) 🤘🎶🙌

We are honored and excited to have you onboard!”

Bad Marriage, which also features Jonny Paquin on lead vocals, Mike Fitz on lead guitar, Ian Haggerty on rhythm guitar, Todd Boisvert on bass, and Michael Delaney on drums, have apparently already played one show with Skeoch in their line-up at The Plazza in Aurora, Illinois, USA back on July 1st. The band has released two full-length albums — Bad Marriage (2019) and Bad Marriage 2 (2021) — and an EP titled Artificial Mind (2023). Bad Marriage are part of the Glam Slam Metal Tour Part II with Enuff Z’Nuff and The Quireboys, which runs through North America from July 1st to 28th, 2023.

In an interview with Sam Wall posted six days ago, Fitz advised as follows about Skeoch (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “Well, we have a special guest guitar player. We’ll be adding a third guitar player so no one is going anywhere. It’s Tommy Skeoch. Obviously, he was formerly in Tesla. He’s also in a band called Resist & Bite, which you and I know very well so we’re very, very excited about it. Me and Tommy have built a relationship, a great relationship over the past year so we’re just bringing him on board. Hopefully, it goes well you know and who knows, the world is our oyster after that.”

In terms of how Skeoch came into the band, Fitz indicated: “Well, I first met him in person on the Monsters of Rock Cruise. Bad Marriage had played in 2022 and his band Resist & Bite were on the same cruise. They were playing as well so I saw him down on the cruise ship at the casino. So I just introduced myself and we started talking about Gibson guitars and Marshall amps. You know, we still talk about that stuff every day. We love, we’re just big gear nerds. You know, we stayed in touch, text messaging and online and stuff. I had posted a riff of a new song we’re working on and he commented that he really liked it. It was right up his alley or whatever so I said, ‘You know what, I’m going to send this guy that song and see if he wants to play on it.’ It didn’t really have any lead guitars on it. I usually do that last so I said, ‘Let’s see if Tommy is into it. He’s already into this one riff of it.’

Long story short, he sent me back, you know, some guitar tracks on it, playing some lead guitar on it and it blew me away. It really brought the sound of Bad Marriage and that song in particular, really 3D, ’cause Tommy has his thing. Tommy‘s got his own really unique sound. You know, he does a lot with the whammy bar on this song. Me and Ian don’t really mess with the whammy bar. That’s not really our thing. And so it’s really, it’s really bad ass. I’m excited for everyone to hear it.”

With respect to how it’s going to work with Skeoch in the line-up in a live setting and whether they will be breaking up solos, Fitz  stated: “We honestly have no idea. We’re literally going to just dice roll and just see what happens. I’m not even really kidding. We’ve had a few rehearsals down here. Her’s coming back I think in a week right before tour but you know [Sam Wall joked that Skeoch‘s mattress is set up over in the place they’re in]. Yeah, his mattress is usually right there. It’s leaned up against the wall so we can walk. But yeah, Tommy‘s bedroom is down here. He loves it ’cause he’s surrounded by guitars and Marshalls and stuff. But you know, three guitars is not what we ever envisioned in Bad Marriage. But it’s Tommy Skeoch. I think we’re going to do some great stuff. I think writing wise, I think we’re really going to take the songwriting — it’s going to take the songwriting to a next level but as far as live, I think it’s going to be a trial and error thing [to] kind of figure out how it’s going to sound and who plays what part. I think we have a lot of it nailed down but I think we gain experience by playing the shows. We have 23 shows in July so that’s a lot. That’s almost six a week. It’s going to be fun and we’ll have it figured out by the end of that tour, I guarantee it.”

You can listen to the interview with Bad Marriage lead guitarist Mike Fitz by Sam Wall below:

Bad Marriage’s “Artificial Mind” video:

Resist & Bite’s “Baptized By Fire” single: