Former Warrant And Quiet Riot Guitarist Finishes New Project

Former Warrant And Quiet Riot Guitarist Finishes New Project

May 28, 2012

Billy Morris, most famous for playing guitar in Warrant, Quiet Riot and with Paul Gilbert, has recently finished a new project called Lipstick, a band fronted by a young native rocker of Cleveland, Ohio, named Greg Troyan.

“Billy and I met at a backyard party when I was 16, and we instantly hit it off and became friends,” 22 year old frontman Troyan tells “When it came time to record my first professional album, I had already gotten a full backing band and producer, but nobody in the project seemed to ‘get’ it. So then I gave Billy a call and asked if he wanted to help me make my album, and he jumped right in and became both the primary guitar player on the record and the producer for it overnight. It was a great experience working with him and the record turned out great.”

The 12 song album features all originals written by solely by Troyan, save for one co-write with an individual named Sean Doran. The songs range from epic 8 minute piano-driven Meat Loaf styled rockers to Crashdiet inspired New Wave of Swedish Sleaze.

“Some people say I went through too many styles on one album, but to me, it’s all rock n’ roll,” says Troyan. “I wanted to let people know from the get go the kind of music I would attempt, so nobody could accuse me of ‘selling out’ or ‘going insane’ later. I’m already insane. I think the album has enough consistency in the sound to be a solid listen, yet at the same time is diverse enough to keep you interested. It sounds like Lipstick.”

On working with Greg Troyan, Billy Morris states, “Greg is probably the most dedicated and hardest working individual I’ve ever worked with. Greg always arrived at the studio early and always had a clear vision for what he wanted the song to be and sound like.” He adds, “The songs are really catchy. I wake up the middle of night and start singing them to myself. They get stuck in your head.”

Greg Troyan is currently in the process of relocating to Nashville, Tennessee to form a new Lipstick lineup down there, but his musical relationship with Morris hasn’t ended.

“Billy and I are going to be lifelong friends, no matter what,” says Troyan, “We recently filmed a music video together for one of the songs on the album, and there’s a movie coming out around the release of the album that acts as a companion piece that he’s also involved with. There’s a lot of stuff in the works right now, and it’s all coming out together… it’s gonna be an explosive debut to say the most.”

For more info and updates on Lipstick, be sure to go their official website and check them out on Facebook at

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