Former White Wizzard Member Talks About His Involvement In Gypsyhawk

Former White Wizzard Member Talks About His Involvement In Gypsyhawk

March 27, 2011

Former White Wizzard guitarist Erik Kluiber checks in and talks about his involvement in Gypsyhawk.

Sleaze Roxx recently caught up with Erik Kluiber for an update. Kluiber has been busy since his spilt with White Wizzard; he’s been gigging around So Cal with his Megadeth tribute band Rust In Peace, he joined southern rock metal act Scattered Hamlet in January of 2011 which he recently performed with at SXSW in Austin, Texas and he signed on as guitarist in the traditional metal band Gypsyhawk.

“I played SXSW with Scattered Hamlet it was a lot of fun,” says Kluiber. “We drove out there and it was a 27 hour drive, no stops other than for gasoline and that’s with an 80 an hour mile speed limit through Texas! We did three sets at SXSW — two electric sets and one acoustic set. The acoustic showcase was at a place called The Rusty Spur — we got to play right after The Alex Skolnick Trio and I got a chance to meet one of my heroes Alex Skolnick (Testament, TSO) while we were there.”

Erik will be playing one last gig with Scattered Hamlet before he departs and joins Gypsyhawk full-time and heads out on a cross country tour. With all that activity something had to give, as Kluiber is helping Scattered Hamlet with finding a replacement. “It was a hard decision but I talked it over with the Scattered Hamlet guys and they were supportive. I had a great time with them but I had to resign. I can’t juggle two full-time bands” says Kluiber.

Erik reports that he is already participating in the song writing process for Gypspyhawk’s yet to be recorded album. He is hopeful and excited about the band’s future. “We’ll be heading out on a tour of the Unites States — it’s very underground, very DIY. There are a few cities where we’re trying to pin down some gigs. It’s on the Gypsyhawk Facebook page so if anyone out there can help, we’d really appreciate them getting in touch.”

Scattered Hamlet will play the Crazy Girl on March 30th, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA.

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