Former Wolfchild Frontman Releases ‘Charge’ EP Under Electric Black Moniker

Former Wolfchild Frontman Releases ‘Charge’ EP Under Electric Black Moniker

August 14, 2014

Former Wolfchild lead vocalist and guitarist, Kim Hogberg, has resurfaced after eight years with the release of the ‘Charge’ EP under the moniker Electric Black.

Electric Black’s ‘Charge’ EP is currently only available as a digital download at All five songs on the EP were written by Hogberg and arranged with drummer Otto Luotonen. With the exception of the drums, played by Luotonen, Hogberg handles all of the instruments and vocals on the EP.

Hailing from Finland, Hogberg received international prominence as the frontman for Wolfchild who released their self-titled debut album back in 2006. About six months after the release of the ‘Wolfchild’ record, Hogberg left the band to follow his own vision.

In a recent interview with Sleaze Roxx, Hogberg stated: “It was a situation where I was heading in another direction, simply doing hard rock music, but I wanted a different kind of harmony for the music and maybe a little bit more — how do you say that — if you really concentrate more on what you are wearing on stage, in pictures and so on.”

Although Wolfchild eventually recruited two people to replace Hogberg, the band imploded shortly after the sudden death of its bassist, founder and band leader Jaska Koivusilta on April 3rd, 2007.

The ‘Charge’ EP was recorded over the course of three years and keeps a lot of musical components that were Wolfchild’s trademarks, given that Hogberg was one of the main songwriters for that band.

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