Formosa release lyric video for “Pull Away”

Formosa release lyric video for “Pull Away”

German rockers Formosa have released a lyric video for their song “Mañana” from their studio album Sorry For Being Sexy, which was released via Sweepland Records on March 2, 2018. The group previously released videos for the track “Mañana”, “Fuck Up Your Liver” and “Love On The Highway.”

Track List for Sorry For Being Sexy:
01. Bad Boys
02. Mañana
03. Sorry For Being Sexy
04. Fuck Up Your Liver
05. Sugar Daddy
06. Love On The Highway
07. Proud To Be Loud
08. Pull Away
09. Johnny The Beaver
10. Never Stop Rock’N’Roll

Formosa‘s “Pull Away” lyric video:

Formosa – Pull Away (Lyric Video)

“Pull Away” taken from the latest Formosa album “Sorry for being sexy” (2018)Official Lyric VideoCheck the Website for the tourdates of FormosaOrder Album (C…