Four members leave Thundermother while lead guitarist Filippa Nässil vows to continue

Four members leave Thundermother while lead guitarist Filippa Nässil vows to continue

There were signs that things weren’t going well for Thundermother with the band announcing about two months ago that it was taking a break to reconsider its direction. There were also signs that at least one band member’s — singer Clare Cunningham — musical aspirations might be straying away from what Thundermother offered with the frontwoman’s debut self-titled four song EP.

Thundermother have just announced that four of the band’s five members are departing the group leaving only band founder, leader, producer and lead guitarist Filippa Nässil remaining to carry the Thundermother torch. Nässil will be busy finding new bandmates as Thundermother have a number of gigs booked starting on June 23, 2017 (see dates below). Thundermother have released two studio albums to date: Rock ‘N’ Roll Disaster (2014) and Road Fever (2015). The group had been working on new material and its record label Despotz Records even posted a new song entitled “Hellevator” for streaming four months ago.

Thundermother‘s “Hellevator” song:

Thundermother – Hellevator by Despotz

The first single from the coming Thundermother album. Facebook: Spotify: iTunes:

The following message was posted on Thundermother‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Dear Thundermother-fans and friends,

It is with a heavy heart that we write this statement. Clare, Linda, Tilda and Giorgia have decided to leave Thundermother. Filippa has decided to continue (!) the band with a new lineup and will announce news very soon.

Filippa wishes her 4 former bandmates all the best and she would like to post this message from Clare, Linda, Tilda and Giorgia here on the official Facebook:

Clare, Linda, Tilda and Giorgia would like to say the following:

Four years and two albums later we have reached our personal end of the Thundermother rollercoaster ride. And what a ride it’s been! It has been the most incredible journey and we are SO grateful for all the amazing experiences and memories these years have given us. We have played some of the most prestigious festivals, toured with amazing musicians and experienced so much love from fans all over the world. Without you, OUR FANS, we could not have done it! No regrets! These years have been the best. We have grown and learnt so much, both as musicians and people. And since we want to always be able to look back at this journey with fond memories, we feel it’s time to depart at this stage. It’s time for us to start a new chapter in our lives! We want to take this opportunity to extend a massive THANK YOU to all the people who believed in and supported us from day 1.

TO OUR FANS – You rock!!! Both on and off stage you guys have shown so much love and enthusiasm towards us. We have the craziest, most dedicated fans and we will never forget all the fun times shared with you.

TO OUR TM TEAM, SPONSORS AND SUPPORTERS – Everyone who has made this journey possible from behind the scenes! Our booking agents, management team, record label, endorsers and sponsors, tour managers etc. You all know who you are and we are so grateful for all your hard work.

TO OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES – Without our closest friends and families who supported our dreams in rock’n’roll, we could not have done this. Words can not explain how grateful we are to you all 🙂

We love you all and thanks again. This hasn’t been an easy decision for us four to make, and so we kindly ask everybody involved to give us some personal space in dealing with this departure! All our love! Keep rocking, Clare, Linda, Tilda and Giorgia ??”

Thundermother‘s “Rock ‘N’ Roll Disaster” video:

”Rock´N´Roll Disaster” Official Music Video 2014 – Thundermother

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The following message was posted on Cunningham‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“This is not a status I ever thought I’d come to write, but alas it’s the end of another era. I have officially departed Thundermother. Not an overnight decision and definitely an extremely hard and emotional one.

Thundermother has given me the most amazing 4 years of my life, alongside friendships and memories that will forever remain with me no matter where in the world I go.

From that very first phone call back when I was headhunted on YouTube to join, right up until our final show, it’s been a complete blast and I’ve seriously loved every second ? There have been so many highs (and lows, like with any career) and it is on a high that I now depart. I’m so proud of everything myself and the girls achieved and not many people can look back, like I will, in years to come and be lost for words over such success!

Thanks to all our amazing fans for always supporting us and being awesome. Without you all I could not have done it! Nor without the amazing support of my friends and family ? I know due to being on the road a lot I’ve missed out on some personal endeavors but I know you always understood. THANKS ?

What a ride it’s been and the best of luck to my mothers on their individual music pursuits now. ? Please visit the Thundermother page and read an extended goodbye/Thank you from myself, Tilda, Linda and Giorgia.

With this I’ll leave on a lyric to a song I’m currently writing called :
‘The final Chapter’ :
“So as I close the last page on this final chapter, I’ll only look back and remember the laughter,
So many good times making it harder
To close this book on that happy ever after.
Before we turn out the light and close our eyes , I’ll lay here and pen the last lines
To this final goodbye”

All my love ? Clare xxx”

Thundermother‘s “Shoot To Kill” video:

Thundermother – Shoot To Kill (Official Video)

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The following message was posted on Thundermother lead guitarist Filippa Nässil‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“I wish my 4 former bandmates all the best and would like to say the following:

I’m very sad about this, but I understand their reasons to leave the band and fully respect their decisions. It has been a great ride with them together so far – nut now it seems to be time to part ways. I wish each and everyone good luck, especially Clare and her solo career and all other musical projects any of them will be involved with in the future.

I will keep fighting for rock n roll with a new line up these dates:

23rd of june : Saarmageddon , Saarwellingen,Germany
24th of June : Harley days,Hamburg,Germany
7th of July : Ystad, Sweden
30th of july: Extreme Fest , Albi,France
3rd of August : Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Germany
4th of August : Bike and Music Weekend , Geiselwind , Germany
5th of August : Roadkill festival, Waarschott , Belgium
9th of August : Leyendas del Rock Festival, Villena ,Spain
19th of August : Sapins Barbus Festival, Dommartin les Remiremont , France
8th of September : European Bike Week , Faak am see, Austria

More lineup info next week.


Thundermother‘s “It’s Just A Tease” video:

THUNDERMOTHER – It´s Just a Tease (Official Video)

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Drummer Tilda Stenqvist‘s message on her Facebook page was short and sweet with respect to the news today: “So, it’s now official! Myself, Clare, Josie and Linda have decided to leave Thundermother! It is with heavy hearts that we’ve written the official statement below. Thank you all for your love and support throughout the years! I’ve had a blast!”

Guitarist Giorgia Carteri‘s message on her Facebook page today gives more insight on what happened within the dynamics of the band:

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” (cit.)

After 5 years and 2 albums, I have decided to depart from Thundermother.

My best friends and bandmates Clare Tilda and Linda did the same. We 4 have left the band.

We stood for ourselves and supported each other in this difficult and courageous decision that was shocking but necessary.

I truly loved Thundermother, I invested all my energy, time and health and I am very proud and grateful of what we have accomplished in these years. Hard work pays off indeed and I’m so blessed to have met such beautiful people during this fantastic journey!

I actually had plans of this being my long-term band, but being in a band is like being in a marriage. I believe that the main ingredients for any successful relationship are respect, trust, harmony, empathy, humbleness and a sprinkle of Magic.

When all of this is missing and it is replaced with dictatorship, idiocy, bullying, manipulation, abuse and drama, the joy and creativity disappear, the Magic is gone forever and you have 2 choices:

1) be naive by hanging in there and keep swallowing all the ugly and nasty things hoping for a change/improvement
2) be realistic, raise you middle finger in sign of self-respect and self-love and leave the toxic situation and the person that caused all of this.

The people who knows me well, knows that I am a pretty frank person, I don’t tolerate injustice and hypocrisy and I stand for myself and I don’t accept my beloved ones getting hurt, so with my heart torn apart, I had no other choice than leave. Life it’s too short!

Anyway it is with a fond and happy constellation of memories, that i will remember this important chapter in my life and music career!!! And seriously.. What a journey it has been!!! 😀 The future is brighter, unfortunately the Magic in Thundermother now is gone but the Rock N’ Roll Sisterhood is even stronger now and no one can ever take that away from us!

I want to extend a massive THANK YOU to all the amazing fans, friends and family out there! You know who you are! Without your huge support and dedication, we would never have made it!!! You mean everything and I want to send you all my love and gratitude! ❤❤❤

I am ready for new exciting musical adventures, you gonna hear me ROAR soon and I hope to see you all!! ?

Last but not least, I want to send BIG love to my fantastic bandmates and sisters Clare, Linda and Tilda. You made my dream come true! Thank you! ❤

We are Thundermother!?⚡


Thundermother playing cover of AC/DC‘s “Highway To Hell” in 2013:

ThunderMother – Highway to Hell(AC/DC) – Rock out wild 2013

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