Four Wheel Drive Get “Hammered Again” In New Video

Four Wheel Drive Get “Hammered Again” In New Video

May 5, 2013

Four Wheel Drive have released a video for the song “Hammered Again”, the second single from their limited edition five song EP of the same name.

With soaring vocals screaming about the important things in life like sex and drinking; guitars loud enough to kill your mum; and drums that are unsuitable for pregnant women and the elderly, wherever Four Wheel Drive go they create the ultimate hard rock experience for the 21st Century.

The gang of lunatics that make up Four Wheel Drive — Jamie Lailey (bass and vocals), Ben Austwick (guitar), Paddy Achtelik (guitar) and Will Richards (drums) — have not a care in the world, and complete disregard for their personal safety if it means putting on an amazing Rock show. Not worried about damaging themselves or their equipment, they prove it really is impossible to take on four best mates with nothing to lose.

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