Frankie Banali can’t see Heavy Bones reunion happening but all ears if someone wants to make it a reality

Frankie Banali can’t see Heavy Bones reunion happening but all ears if someone wants to make it a reality

Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali was recently interviewed by Sydney Taylor of MA Entertainment Global. The drummer was asked about the chances of a Heavy Bones reunion. Heavy Bones consisting of Banali on drums, Gary Hoey on guitar, Joel Ellis on lead vocals and Rexx Tennyson on bass released one self-titled album back in 1992. In early 2012, Ellis mentioned to Sleaze Roxx that a Heavy Bones reunion would most likely happen in the summer or near the end of summer 2012.

With respect to a Heavy Bones reunion, Banali advised (as transcribed by Blabbermouth with slight edits):

“That Heavy Bones was a great, great record. I’m really proud of that record. It came out at the completely wrong time… where that type of music and that type of production was really frowned upon [by] the whole grunge movement, which was more organic and more raw. The chances of that happening, I stopped saying ‘never’ quite a while ago, so you never know — but I don’t see it happening for a couple of reasons. One, I’m really busy with Quiet Riot and all my other side projects that I do, as is Gary Hoey, who has a really, really wonderful solo career on his own. The original bassist, Rex Tennyson, has literally disappeared off the face of the earth. I’ve been trying to find him for at least a decade, and I can’t. I know he’s not dead, thankfully. Joel [Ellis], the singer, is still around. I think he’s the one that wants it to happen the most, but I don’t see it in the cards.

While that was a great record and I thought it was a great band, we did maybe a half dozen shows total, so there was really no interest in the band. If you have a record that was a great record but had no hits purely because nobody cared, it’s really, really difficult to get somebody to invest financially, because that’s what it takes for everybody to stop what they’re doing and go into rehearsals and work out a set, and then you have the problem of trying to find an agent that can book a band that not that many know about compared to a band that had hits. It becomes a real challenge to be able do it. A lot of well-meaning people think that’s it really easy — you just pick up the phone, call up the three other guys, go into a rehearsal studio, rehearse the songs, get your little wardrobe all set up and somebody is willing to book you and pay you to play. That’s not reality… It’s a great record in my discography and I’m really, really proud of it, but it wasn’t given the opportunity or the chances that it should have had. Now, several decades later, I can’t see it happening, but if somebody wants to make it real and do what it takes to make it real, I’m all ears.”

Heavy Bones‘ “4:AM T.M.” video:

heavy bones – 4:AM T.M.

a rare and the only video by this short lived band

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