Frankie Banali not interested in releasing ‘Road Rage’ album version with Seann Nicols on vocals

Frankie Banali not interested in releasing ‘Road Rage’ album version with Seann Nicols on vocals

Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali was recently interviewed by My Global Mind and was asked whether he thought about releasing a deluxe version of the album Road Rage with the songs recorded and released with current singer James Durbin and the songs recorded (but shelved) with former lead vocalist Seann Nicols.

Banali replied: “There is no reason to. What James brought to the table vocally, took the songs to the level they weren’t before. There is no reason we need two records to compete against each other. Even if I could make more money from it, I’m not interested in doing it. I’m only interested in the one official Quiet Riot Road Rage.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Banali at My Global Mind.

Sleaze Roxx asked Nicols in an interview last month if he would be interested in having a proper release of the album Road Rage with him on lead vocals. Nicols replied: “…I mean look, after I heard the production values that those guys were putting out, I can honestly say that I would be embarrassed to have myself out on a record sounding like that. The mix on that song [“The Seeker”] was terrible. The production value was very low grade, unprofessional and it was embarrassing. In a way, I am happy that the record didn’t come out because it would probably be one of the worst sounding recordings that I would have appeared on in my career [laughs]. That being said, I am proud of the songs that I wrote with Quiet Riot and I think that if they were properly produced, properly mixed and properly released, then yeah, I would love for those songs to be in the world and have fans of that music be able to enjoy those songs. Absolutely.”

Nicols eventually released his version of the song “Road Rage” and he explained his rationale for releasing that track: “The reason that I did that is because I wrote the song [laughs] and I have every right to do that. After they had released “The Seeker” with that terrible mix, and people were just slamming it, I really felt an obligation to properly represent myself and show people, “Hey! This is what I am really capable of.” And in the right circumstances working with quality musicians with quality production talents, this is what it could sound like. And this is what I wanted to do for Quiet Riot. This is what I represented to Quiet Riot, which was an opportunity to bring Quiet Riot into the modern day in a way that still represented their legacy so that there was something there for all of their fans and an opportunity to make new fans with an updated quality sound. I felt like releasing the “Road Rage” single, that was my way of showing the world the possibility that I stood for being a part of that band. That was really the motivation behind releasing that.

Frankie Banali and Neil Citron quickly tried to silence it by issuing false take down notices to YouTube, iTunes, Apple Music and my digital distributor Tunecore, and having the song removed from all those outlets. And I had to get an attorney and legally respond to them and challenge those notices to get the song and the video reinstated on all those outlets. So it was a legal battle that I ultimately won because they were not willing to actually pursue it in Federal Court because they don’t have a case. That’s what happened. It was very upsetting because they knew that I had not copied their music, yet they came in and said that it was an exact copy of the Quiet Riot music, which — when they release their version with James Durbin which I am sure they will — it will probably have different words on it and different melodies, but people will be able to hear the music to “Road Rage” and be able to hear the night and day difference. There’s very little musical resemblance between their version and the version that I released and that was very intentional.”

Seann Nicols‘ “Road Rage” song:

Seann Nicols – Road Rage (Official Lyric Video)


Quiet Riot’s “Freak Flag” song:

Quiet Riot – “Freak Flag” (Official Audio)

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