Frankie Banali opines that Quiet Riot’s CD/DVD ‘One Night In Milan’ is a real live record with no overdubs

Frankie Banali opines that Quiet Riot’s CD/DVD ‘One Night In Milan’ is a real live record with no overdubs

Quiet Riot‘s long-time drummer Frankie Banali was recently interviewed by Tom Leu for Sound Matters Radio and spoke about a number of topics including the group’s new CD/DVD One Night In Milan, which was released via Frontiers Music Srl a few days ago.

When asked about the recording of the new live album, One Night In Milan, Banali advised (as transcribed by Sound Matters Radio with slight edits): “One of my conditions [to Frontiers] was that it had to be a real, live record, and that we weren’t going to do any overdubs. I wasn’t gonna get the masters back from them, and take them into the studio and bring in somebody else’s huge audience or vocal tracks. There’s no fixes on it whatsoever. All vocals are live. All the musicians are playing live. No solos were fixed. No vocals were fixed. No background vocals were added. Because I wanted it to be a true interpretation of the band on that particular night. That’s why it’s called One Night In Milan. So there’s no smoke and mirrors. I mean, that is what you get when you go see a Quiet Riot show.”

In terms of his past relationship with the late Kevin DuBrow, Banali indicated: “The amazing thing about my relationship, and friendship, and brotherhood with Kevin was the fact that we were always brutally honest with each other, which is one of the reasons that we were so close. And you know, there was a period of time in 1987 where we had to part company with Kevin because there were a lot of drug issues going on. And it was one of the most difficult things for me to have been a part of. But ultimately the test of a friendship is, when something that terrible happens, and when something goes so wrong, and when both sides of the fence said so many, you know, bad things about each other… ultimately in 1993, we came back, and got back together and I started playing with Kevin in Quiet Riot again. And our friendship not only resumed, but continued to get stronger and stronger and stronger ’til the very last day of his life.”

You can listen to the interview with Frankie Banali at Sound Matters‘ website.

Quiet Riot‘s “Condition Critical” video (from One Night In Milan):

Quiet Riot – “Condition Critical” (Official Live Video)

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