Frankie Banali states that James Durbin has proven to be the best Quiet Riot singer since 2010

Frankie Banali states that James Durbin has proven to be the best Quiet Riot singer since 2010

Quiet Riot‘s long-time drummer Frankie Banali was recently interviewed by The Tribune-Democrat and spoke about the band’s latest lead vocalist James Durbin and upcoming live DVD release.

Durbin has been Quiet Riot‘s eighth lead vocalist following Kevin DuBrow (1975–1980, 1982-1987, 1990–2003, 2004–2007), Paul Shortino (1987–1989, 2002), Mark Huff (2010-2012), Keith St. John (2012), Scott Vokoun (2012–2013) and Jizzy Pearl (2013–2016) and Seann Nicols (2017).

In terms of whether it was difficult to find Durbin, Banali advised: “When I decided to restart Quiet Riot in 2010, I knew it was going to be very difficult – both professionally and personally – because Kevin and I were best friends for 27 years.

There was never a thought to replace the late, great Kevin DuBrow. That is impossible. Kevin was an amazing singer with a vocal range second to none. And as a performer, no one comes even close.

My thought was to try to preserve the music and sound of Quiet Riot as best I could. We went through four different singers over roughly a six-year period.

In 2017, we brought on James Durbin, who – without a doubt – has proved to be the best singer we’ve had since revving up the engines in 2010. He’s a really great vocalist, performer and – equally as important – a very nice person.

I’m used to change in Quiet Riot, not just the trials and tribulations with singers since Kevin’s passing, but during the entire 35-plus year history. I’m very happy to have James involved with us as long as he wants to be with Quiet Riot.”

With respect to the status of Quiet Riot‘s upcoming live DVD, Banali stated: “I just finished approving the final audio mixes as well as the live footage and I’m really happy with the final results. I’m waiting for the label, Frontiers Music, to advise when they think will be a good release date.

It was filmed this past April in Milan, Italy, at the Frontiers Music Festival. I opted not to do any fixes, overdubs or studio trickery that prevails in many so-called “live” music CDs and videos. What you get is a very honest representation of a night with Quiet Riot live.

I put together a set that covers the majority of the “Metal Health” songs, a number from our second release, “Condition Critical,” as well as representing songs from “QR III.” We also went deep in the QR catalog with a song from 1993’s “Terrified” record and the 1995 “Down To The Bone” record. Of course, we also performed two songs from the 2017 “Road Rage” record. For the most part, this will be the set that I planned for the Thunder In The Valley show in Johnstown.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Frankie Banali at The Tribune-Democrat.

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