Fraze Gang, With Brighton Rock Members, Releases Video For “Jackhammer”


June 14, 2008

Fraze Gang have released a brand new video for the song “Jackhammer”. The song, mixed by Beau Hill (of Warrant, Ratt and Europe fame), is a bonus track included on the Bongo Beat Records reissue of the group’s self-titled debut album. The video for “Jackhammer”, which can be viewed below, was filmed in a freezing cold warehouse in the city of Fort Erie and directed by Jeremy Griffiths.

Fraze Gang consists of Greg Fraser (guitar, vocals) and Stevie Skreebs (bass, vocals) from Canadian 80s hair metal band, Brighton Rock. Phil Epp, on drums, is from a mysterious place in Southern Ontario. Together they make no apologies for keeping the flame alive for melodic rock n roll and good times.

The CD is available everywhere (UK, USA, Germany, Canada officially and unofficially by all the rocking import shops all over the rest of the world!)

Check the sounds out on iTunes and Amazon worldwide.

Buy the CD from Fraze Gang’s buddy Ralph Alfonso at Bongo Beat Records (cheapest deal for international fans, $20 includes postage!). Ralph used to help manage Brighton Rock back in the day and they suckered him back in again!

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