Fremantle Launches The Bon Scott Project


April 7, 2008

The City of Fremantle is presenting the Bon Scott Project, an event to mark the life and times of their historic rocker Bon Scott.

The Project, which will take place at the Fremantle Arts Centre from May 17-June 29, will features works from 19 artists honoring the late AC/DC singer.

Although Scott died in London and lived in Sydney and Melbourne in his day with AC/DC, he is still remembered as the boy from Fremantle.

Scott was raised in North Fremantle and was laid to rest in the city following his death in 1980.

The Bon Scott Project is designed to bring together the stories about Bon from the fans moreso than traditional media.

As part of the Project, fans can contribute to the Bon Scott Blog at

The Project will also display Bon’s private letters. The letters show has bawdy and humorous side but also offer an insight never before seen into the personality of the man.

There will also be one-off events during the Project. The Ugly/Sexy Factor: Bon Scott and Fashion will debate how Bon influenced fashion over the years with his skinny jeans style.

The Bon Scott Project has also commissioned a tribute band called FAC/DC. ‘Facca Dacca’ features Dom Mariani (The Stems), Steve Joines (The Kill Devil Hills), Vanessa Thornton (Jebediah), Clair French (Sure-Fire Midnights) and Warren Hall (The M-16s). Facca Dacca will play one night in honor of Bon.

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