Frontiers Music Srl announces new 13-man “group” A New Frontier…of Rock feat. members of five bands

Frontiers Music Srl announces new 13-man “group” A New Frontier…of Rock feat. members of five bands

Frontiers Music Srl is at it again combining various musicians from different groups to form a new “supergroup.” This time, the band is called A New Frontier…of Rock with a world tour being mapped out for 2021.

The following message was posted on Frontiers Music Srl‘s Facebook page less than an hour ago:

“BREAKING NEWS: After the incredible critical and fan acclaim for the projects W.E.T., Revolution Saints, Sweet & Lynch, Starbreaker, and The End machine, Frontiers has announced that the principal members of all five bands will be joining forces in a new 13-man band dubbed “A New Frontier…Of Rock“. The planned musical style for the album is expected to be a combination of ’80s hard rock, ’90s heavy metal, AOR, Scandinavian melodic rock, and Italian progressive metal.

As a special twist, Frontiers will be scouring the YouTube comments of all of our music videos and the commenters with the most in-depth, insightful production notes will be selected to produce at least three songs from the album in Stockholm, Sweden. Additionally, one lucky YouTube commenter with the most comments that showcase a clear eye for film and video production will be selected to produce a music video for the project.

Additionally, a world tour, dubbed “Coming To Brazil“, is being mapped out for 2021, which will see the band visiting multiple cities, except for the city where you live because no bands ever come to your city.

Available on vinyl?

Stay tuned for more details.”

The question remains who will be part of this 13-man band? There is certainly a lot of great musicians to choose from.

W.E.T.Erik Mårtensson (guitar), Jeff Scott Soto (lead vocals), Robert Säll (keyboards), Magnus Henriksson (guitar) and Robban Bäck (drums).

Revolution Saints: Doug Aldrich (guitar), Jack Blades (bass, lead vocals), Deen Castronovo (drums).

Sweet & LynchMichael Sweet (lead vocals), George Lynch (guitar), James Lomenzo (bassist) and Brian Tichy (drums).

Starbreaker featuring Tony Harnell (lead vocals) and Magnus Karlsson (guitar).

The End Machine: George Lynch (guitar), Jeff Pilson (bass), “Wild” Mick Brown (drums) and Robert Mason (lead vocals).