Frontline’s new album ‘Scream All You Want’ now available

Frontline’s new album ‘Scream All You Want’ now available

Dutch rockers Frontline consisting of lead vocalist Thomas Kunst, lead guitarist Arti Flinkerbusch, rhythm guitarist Thijs Stoffelen, bass Steven Wijtenburg and drummer Jamal van Kastel have just released their sophomore album Scream All You Want on October 1, 2022.

Track List for Scream All You Want:
01. Scream All You Want
02. Love Creeps
03. Out of The Darkness
04. Keep It A Secret
05. Judgment Day
06. No More
07. High In The Sky
08. Love In Trouble
09. Lift Yourself up
10. Tell It To My Heart
11. Cheating Is Easy
12. Tower of Lies
13. Into The Sun

Speaking to Sleaze Roxx, Flinkerbusch spoke about the inspiration behind the songs on Scream All You Want. The lead guitarist indicated:

“Each of the songs tells a story, some inspired by personal experience, some completely fictional. “Scream All You Want” is about someone who’s had an easy life, but is facing demise now that karma’s come ‘round. “Love Creeps” is about feeling hollow when pursuing superficial romantic relationships. “Out of The Darkness” is about needing to escape from life in a boring town. “Keep It A Secret” was inspired by a scenario like what’s shown in the film I Know What You Did Last Summer, where a group of teens accidentally run someone over and try to dispose of the body, but it could be applied to anything that needs to be kept secret.

“Judgment Day” is about a pick up artist who comes to a town, seduces every woman, but then comes across one who takes revenge on him. “No More” is about someone stuck in an abusive relationship. “High In The Sky” is about someone who didn’t take his chances for a long time but finally gets another opportunity to do so. “Lift Yourself Up” is like a pep talk for anyone who’s sitting back and letting life pass him/her by. “Cheating Is Easy” is a cynical commentary on the way cheating can be helpful, by someone who’s just been cheated on. “Tower of Lies” is about someone who’s ignoring the voice of his/her conscience, and building up a tower of lies which will eventually crumble, and “Into The Sun” talks about continuing to strive for the best despite hardships. [It’s] an apt song to end the album with.”

Frontline‘s “Scream All You Want” single: