Fun facts about Femme Fatale and singer Lorraine Lewis

Fun facts about Femme Fatale and singer Lorraine Lewis

Sleaze Roxx contributor Christopher Carroll posted today some fun and sometimes little known facts about Femme Fatale and that group’s leader and lead vocalist Lorraine Lewis in the M3 Rockers’ closed Facebook group page (with slight edits):

Femme Fatale photo 3“- When Lorraine met David Lee Roth, he vomited on her boots.

Lorraine, Athena [Bass] and Athena’s son, Miles, wrote the theme song to their killer TV show, ‘Ex-Wives of Rock’! (and it’s now available on iTunes).

Lorraine once had a band called Babe Ruthless.

Femme Fatale’s second album, ‘Lady In Waiting’ was recorded in 1989! And it’s about to be released!

Katt Scarlett studied at Berklee College of Music.

Courtney Cox is such a metal fan, she has ‘Metal Thrashing Mad’ (an Anthrax song title from when Neil Turbin was singing) tattoo’d below and to the left of her belly button.

Femme Fatale photo 2– Lorraine doesn’t eat meat.

Lorraine Lewis and Roxy Petrucci recorded an EP under the band name Rocktopuss and Jeff Young (Megadeth) played guitar on it! Lorraine played rhythm guitar!”

Carroll saw Femme Fatale and Vixen live at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California, USA on January 21, 2016 and stated in his concert review for Sleaze Roxx: “A nice surprise came when, in order to spotlight Femme Fatale’s upcoming release (the much anticipated follow up to their self-titled album, this ‘new’ album was actually recorded in 1989 and is tentatively titled Lady In Waiting — WHAT a gift?! A time capsuled album from the height of the ’80s!), the band played several songs off the new album and they were awesome. It was at that time that Lorraine pointed out that her younger brother was in the audience. This show could have gone on for hours and it wouldn’t have been to long for me. The ladies kept it incredibly fun, energetic and quite entertaining. They have a blast onstage and the audience can’t help but have one as well!”