Funding campaign started for Nick Menza’s two children + details on Menza’s death

Funding campaign started for Nick Menza’s two children + details on Menza’s death

A Gofundme campaign entitled “Fund for Nick Menza‘s Children” has been started to raise funds for the two children of the recently departed former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza who died of a heart attack on May 21, 2016. The campaign’s goal is to raise $65,000.

The Gofundme page provides some details on Menza‘s last moments and death.

Excerpts from the Gofundme page for Menza‘s children are as follows (with slight edits):

“To friends and fans of Nick Menza, show some love if you can.

Nick Menza was a man in transformation. He had a new band, he had a new energy for his drumming, he had recently finished his biography. Nick was living life right, working out, mountain biking, going to bed early and getting up early. He was the happiest he had been in a very long time. There was a convergence of positive things happening in his life all at once. You could feel the vibe around him when he walked into a room and unmistakably, you could see it in his smile.

He had a gig the night of May 21st at the Baked Potato in Studio City. He was excited to be playing in OHM. All the hard work was paying off, you could hear it in their sound when they played, a magic that had been missing for some time. Ohm had just finished their second song and was about to start their third song when Chris Poland saw Nick look up for a second. He wasn’t breathing heavy, he did not appear to be in pain, he just looked up and collapsed. Chris Poland yelled, “call 911”. At the gig were a couple of fans with medical backgrounds. They helped move Nick‘s kit and began CPR on Nick while waiting for the paramedics. Nick wasn’t responding. The paramedics arrived and worked on Nick and finally registered a very weak heartbeat. With that they rushed him to the hospital. It was not to be, Nick died on his way to the hospital.

A few days later it was confirmed that Nick had died from a massive heart attack. Nick just played the drums with more passion than his heart could take and that’s the truth. For a drummer like Nick, he truly went out doing what he loved to do and never compromised in how he did it. It was always at 110% maximum effort.

Nick Menza has two young boys who will miss their father unmeasurably but you can help his legacy live on in his children with any donation for their future. Nick was a great father who would have done anything for his kids. He always thought he would be here for them but fate had other plans. Growing up without your father is certainly difficult and a little help will go a long way in showing you care and that their loss matters to you. All proceeds, 100%, will go exclusively towards their future education fund and living expenses. Nick was never an extravagant guy, he was down to earth and humble. He wasn’t living the rock star life and in fact was very frugal. Your donations will make a big difference in his kids future. I know Nick would appreciate it in his absence. It wasn’t his time to go and in that your help will make a difference.”