Future Colors feat. ex-Quiet Riot singer Seann Nicols release lyric video for new single “Lost Inside”

Future Colors feat. ex-Quiet Riot singer Seann Nicols release lyric video for new single “Lost Inside”

Future Colors featuring Seann Nicols (Westfield Massacre, Adler’s Appetite, Quiet Riot) on vocals, Doug Weiand on guitar and Mark Dalbeth (Bellusira, Rav Medic, Dirty Machine) on bass have released a lyric video for their new single “Lost Inside.” The group unveiled a video for its debut single “Stand Down” last month.

Initially, Nicols handled the lead vocals on Quiet Riot‘s album Road Rage. The first single “The Seeker” was released to the public in early 2017 but Nicols was by that time seemingly already terminated. American Idol finalist James Durbin took over as lead vocalist in the band and the songs on Road Rage ended up getting re-written and re-recorded with him on vocals. In an interview with Sleaze Roxx in late July 2017, Nicols was asked when things started falling apart for him in Quiet Riot to which he replied:

“That’s a good question man [laughs]! Because I’m not too sure about that either. I think things started to fall apart when I approached Frankie Banali about the record that I had written and recorded for him, and let him know that I wanted to be compensated for my work. That’s when he became very adversarial and started making moves to edge me out of situations. After approaching him in the most sensitive professional way possible, he instantly got lawyers involved and everything had to be in writing on his terms. He refused to take phone calls and this was all before we had even done our first rehearsal.

So I think that it was really greed and an effort from Frankie Banali to have me work for Quiet Riot without any form of compensation for the record that ultimately caused my involvement with the band to come to an end. Now that being said, the way that Frankie Banali acted and behaved from day one that we got together for the first rehearsal and the five shows that we played was absolutely horrific. I don’t think that there could have been anything that he could have done worse in that situation other than resort to physical violence. I mean, he was just emotionally a nightmare to work with. He was verbally abusive. Every possible thing that you can do to make a person uncomfortable, he did it and it was really terrible.”

Future Colors‘ “Lost Inside” lyric video: