Gary Hughes And Ten Working On ‘Stormwarning’

Gary Hughes And Ten Working On ‘Stormwarning’

July 6, 2010

Gary Hughes and the other TEN guys are working hard in the studio to lay down the tracks of the forthcoming TEN album to be entitled “Stormwarning”.

According to Gary: “The album is coming on nicely. The songs are incredibly strong this time out, the strongest I feel since the first two albums. This album has very commercial overtones as did the first two but when it kicks it does exactly that, with some songs being more in the Spellbound era style too”. Some of the song titles include, apart from the title track: “Centre of My Universe”, “Kingdom Come”, “Endless Symphony”, “Love Song” and “The Wave”.

Mark Zonder (Fates Warning) was chosen to lay down the drum tracks, while the mix will be handled by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Sunstorm, Place Vendome). The cover art will be again designed (like it was for “Spellbound” and “Babylon”) by the spanish artist Luis Royo. Frontiers hopes to release the album in early 2011.

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