Gasoline 67 Introduce New Singer On Latest Single

Gasoline 67 Introduce New Singer On Latest Single

April 3, 2012

Nashville based rockers Gasoline 67 have released their latest single “We’re Gonna Rock You”, the band’s first with new vocalist Chris Steele. The track can be heard on the group’s Facebook page at and can be purchased through iTunes.

When asked about their latest single guitarist Paul Marko told, “The track was recorded in Nashville at the legendary Blackbird studios and it debuts our new vocalist Chris Steele. The song was produced and written by me, engineered and mixed by David Hall, and pre-production and vocals were engineered by Brad Bass at 1st Avanue sound/Nashville. The track is possibly going to be Gasoline 67’s debut at US Active rock radio as a single.”

Gasoline 67’s debut album ‘Time To Rock’, with original vocalist Sonny Kane, was released digitally on September 9th, 2011 (quickly followed by a music video for the title track), with physical CDs surfacing in early 2012 through In February Gasoline 67 released two Beau Hill remixed versions of songs from the album, “Time To Rock” and “When The Lightning Strikes”, through iTunes.

Regarding the band’s frontman change Marko stated, “We parted ways with Sonny just due to our schedule. It was going to be difficult for him to start doing everything and going everywhere we needed him to go. We heard about Chris while in Nashville recording, so when we made the decision to get someone else I got in touch and it just worked out.”

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