Gavin Evick unveils video for debut single “Favorite Songs”

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Gavin Evick unveils video for debut single “Favorite Songs”

Twenty year old Gavin Evick has just released a video for his debut single “Favorite Songs.” He is the son of Pete Evick who many will know as the long-time guitarist in Bret Michaels‘ band.

The following message was posted in part on Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography‘s Facebook page yesterday:

“A photo I took of an ‘up and coming’ rock star!

Gavin Evick isn’t even 21 yet but he’s carrying the torch for the type of music so many of us love!

Help support him.

He released his first single and first video today!

Go check them out! Watch where he goes from here!

Follow Gavin on: Instagram at GavinEvick and on TikTok at @gavinevick

(Where he already has about 28,000 followers….Wait a second, Maybe he should be promoting MY stuff instead of me promoting his!! Lol

He’s a good guy.”

Gavin Evick‘s “Favorite Songs”  video: