Gene Simmons And Son To Appear On Bruce Kulick Solo Album


September 15, 2008

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons posted the following on his website today (

“Was happy to lend a hand to the powerful and attractive BRUCE KULICK, who is in the midst of his solo record.

Bruce, as you all know, was lead axe grinder in KISS for many years. He’s now playing with Grand Funk Railroad. My son, Nick recently went to one of the gigs and came back raving about it.

Anyway, Bruce and I wrote a toon called ‘AIN’T GONNA DIE’ — pretty cool stuff. The songwriting happened very fast. We sat around the house and came up with chord patterns and the basic melody came to me almost immediately.

Then, we met at Henson Studios in Hollywood, and between Jeremy (who played my Axe bass on the track), Bruce and myself, hashed out the lyric in one sitting.

The vocals and the track were mostly done in one day.

My good lookin’ son NICK also came down to the studio and found himself in the vocal booth scatting his own melody/lyric. What a voice this kid has, if I DO say so myself.

Nick will be working with Bruce on a song or two, as well. Singing lead.

And, we brought down our GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS tv crew to film some of the recording.

For more info, check out Bruce’s website: KULICK.NET.”

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