Gene Simmons and Vinnie Vincent reminisce how they wrote “I Love It Loud” together

Gene Simmons and Vinnie Vincent reminisce how they wrote “I Love It Loud” together

On the occasion of KISS bassist, singer and co-founder Gene SimmonsVault Experience in Nashville, Tennessee, USA which was held today (on Saturday, April 14, 2018), the Demon reunited for the first time in 20 years with former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent.

Both musicians took to the stage each with an acoustic guitar and told some stories including how they wrote the KISS classic “I Love It Loud” from the album Creatures Of The Night, which was released in 1982.

Simmons stated (as transcribed by Sleaze Roxx): “So we’re sitting around at Diana Ross‘ house ’cause I used to live with her and we started writing songs for Creatures Of The Night. ‘What you want to do? What you want to do?’ So he [Vinnie Vincent] shows me stuff that he likes. ‘How about this? How about that?’ And I said, ‘I always loved this [playing a guitar riff from The Who‘s “My Generation”].’ You know? That Who song. ‘People try to put us down. Talking ’bout my generation.’ And then they stopped. But I told Vinnie, ‘Look, I don’t play guitar but I love that.’ …. So that became, ‘Stand up. You don’t have to be afraid. Get down. Love is like…’ Ripped off from The Who…. And the rest is. What are we going to call it? Er, “I Love It Loud.””

Vincent piped in: “But you know, the one part that you put in there was ‘Hey hey hey yeah.'”

Simmons added: “This thing, ‘Hey hey hey yeah.’ That came from another song. I stuck that as a bridge into a Paul Stanley on Killers and he didn’t like it. So I said, ‘OK bitch. I’ll put it in’ You know how [inaudible] can be. So I took that piece, the one Vinnie and I were trying to work on “I Love It Loud.” So “I Love It Loud” started with an idea that I had and then a melody kind of thing and I came up with the chorus, ‘I want to hear it loud, right between the eyes.’ But Vinnie wrote all those lyrics you know. ┬áLike all that cool stuff, ‘Stand up. You don’t have to be afraid.’ Vinnie’s words. ‘Love is like a hurricane. Street boy, though I never could be tamed. Better believe it.’ He wrote everyone of those words.”

Vincent jumped in stating to Simmons, “Didn’t you know though? Didn’t you say to yourself when this was, when this was happening, ‘God, this is good.'”

Simmons added: “You know, as soon as… When it’s good, you can hear it. When it’s not good, you’re working at it. Gotta slave away. But when it’s good, it comes fast. Yeah.”

Vincent piped in: “But you know it. You say it to yourself that this…. We got a, we got a gem you know. That whole time, that whole time was this feeling for me.” Simmons responded: “It was.” Vincent continued: “It was that whole time. Lick It Up was that same feeling. Don’t you think? Don’t you miss me Don’t you miss me?” Simmons bluntly stated: “No [laughs]. Yes I do [extending his right arm to Vinnie].”

Gene Simmons and Vinnie Vincent together at the Vault Experience in Nashville, Tennessee, USA on April 14, 2018:

Gene Simmons & Vinnie Vincent Nashville Vault

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KISS‘ “I Love It Loud” video:

Kiss – I Love It Loud (Official Music Video)

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