Gene Simmons Fired From Celebrity Apprentice


January 18, 2008

On last night’s episode of The Apprentice Donald Trump appointed Gene Simmons as project manager of the women’s team, Empressario, as a result of the ladies losing two weeks in a row.

Trump told both teams that they would be creating a Mobile Printing Station for Kodak to promote the company’s new line of printers. Each team was appointed a graphic designer and trailer to help with the project. Tito Ortiz was appointed project manager of the men’s team, Hydra.

Each team had a chance to meet with Kodak executives. Similar to past episodes, Simmons decided to skip the meeting as he didn’t want to waste time. He sent Nely Galan and Carol Alt instead. Galan talked to the point the executives later told Trump they didn’t care for her.

Hydra decides to use the slogan “Knock Out” with a picture of Lennox Lewis and Tito Ortiz under it. Empressario uses, “It’s a Kodak World. Welcome.”

Hydra’s presentation was labeled “sloppy” but the executives loved how the message promoted “ink.” They thought Empressario’s presentation was great but didn’t like the message.

Trump announces Hydra wins once again so the ladies, plus Simons, are back in the board room. Simons chooses to take Jennie Finch and Omarosa to the board room, despite Trump’s desire to fire Nely.

Trump fires Simmons.

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