Gene Simmons Gives Dean Lickyer Ten Grand


March 15, 2009

Canadian rock band Dean Lickyer posted the following update regarding their encounter with Kiss bassist Gene Simmons at

“What a crazy week! Dean Lickyer was chosen by GENE SIMMONS himself as CMW’s best band and awarded ten thousand dollars. THAT’S $10,000!

In all my years…lol… i would have never thought that half way through a set Gene Simmons would walk into the building with Much Music and at the end of our show give us $10,000 LARGE!

We are honoured, star struck and speechless so the only thing we can say is thank you, thank you and thank you. It is funny because on our first tour we went through a huge Kiss: Alive phase.

Once again thank you Gene Simmons and thank you to everyone who came out and supported us during CMW and throughout Dean Lickyer’s exsistance.”

Below is a video of Dean Lickyer performing the song “Get Your Own’ on MuchMusic’s TV show disBand.

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